Nov 17 2013

An In Depth Look at Soil-Based Organismâ„¢ Part 1

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Soil-Based Organismâ„¢

Body Biotics SBOs™ products consist of a mixture of eight (8) species of  naturally
occurring probiotic organisms cultured in a matrix of Humic/Fulvic acids [the
remains of ancient plants] micro-vitamins.
Together, the bacteria form a stable microbial consortium, in which one
type of bacteria lives off the “left-overs” or end-products of the bacteria higher up
on the food chain. This method allows the bacteria to grow for an extended period
of time, and thus produce the maximum amount of probiotics in the end product.

The species of probiotic bacteria used in these products are often found in healthy
humans, but the particular strains used were originally isolated from healthy soil,
and hence have not been genetically altered in any way. The trade name of the
various Soil-Based Organismâ„¢ products in our Body Bioticsâ„¢ line, are:
Body Bioticsâ„¢ is sold as a dietary supplement in the form of capsules,
Adult’s Chewable Body Biotics ™ Children’s Chewable Body Biotics™, and
Life’s Green Essentials™.

It is important to note that there are more bacterial cells in the colon, and they
are communicating with each other  to produce the end products that lead to
vibrant health.  In fact there are more than 10 billion bacterial cells in each
milliliter of colon contents. Therefore, it is important the right bacteria are
present in the colon, and that they are producing end-products that lead to
health. Unfortunately, more than 40 million Americans visit their physician
each year with digestive system complaints [National Digestive
Diseases Information Clearing House, Digestive Disease Statistics, 1999-2000].
Twenty-two (22) million report acute digestive conditions, such as indigestion,
abdominal pain, and bowel dysfunction. One study showed that 70% of American
households experienced adverse gastrointestinal symptoms within a three month
period [Drossman, et al., 1993]. Dysbiosis, a state in which the bacteria in the gut
produce harmful effects, is associated with many common symptoms, such as
flatulence, bloating, intestinal pain, cramping, constipation or diarrhea
[Hawrelak, 2004].

Look for Part 2 in next Sunday’s post.

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