Aug 30 2020

It May be Time for a Gut Check

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Is it time for a gut check?
Evaluate your body and know when you need to hit the reset button.

Are you in tune with your body? Do you pay attention to when it hurts, when it is tired, and when it is getting run down? Do you recognize the clues that tell you when you are vulnerable to getting sick and when your gut is out of balance? When you are in touch with your body, it will send you signals that are loud and clear. We just have to listen. *

The signals can be different for everyone. It might be getting a canker sore in your mouth or a cold sore on your lip. Others may have acne or eczema breakouts. Perhaps it is achy joints as a result of inflammation. Extreme fatigue, irritability, or depression might be another sign. Yeast infections in women are a sign of Candida overgrowth. Sometimes it is just feeling out of sorts or not yourself. Maybe it’s a scratchy throat, runny nose or headache. Only you know when you don’t feel right, or when your body needs a break or when your microbiome is out of balance.*

When this happens, it is time to stop and do a gut check and devote time and effort to “resetting” your microbiome, your physical health and your immune system. If we don’t take the time to do this and ignore the signals, we make ourselves vulnerable to illness. When we press on, despite our own body’s screaming out for help, we are just asking for trouble. If you find yourself in this state, it’s time for rejuvenating, rebalancing, detoxifying and recharging your mind, body, and spirit. It is important for keeping your immune system strong and illness and disease at bay.*

The first step is to detoxify.

Giving yourself a gentle cleanse by eliminating all processed foods, meats, preservatives and other chemicals from your diet, and sticking purely to fruits and vegetables or even just pressed juices can be incredibly cleansing. Some people prefer to fast, just drinking water or liquids for the chosen duration.  Add Body Biotics™ Aloe Pure gel tabs to help with elimination and gently remove the build-up of toxins and purification from the digestive tract. You can research and choose the best way to cleanse and detoxify based on your health and comfort level. *

Reset your circadian rhythm.

Establishing a set schedule for your sleep pattern is an important step towards getting and staying healthy. It is easy to get off our circadian rhythm for many reasons, especially if we are running ragged with work or just fun. But when feeling run down, getting regular sleep is an important step to getting your microbiome and your immune system back in check.*

Increase your intake of Body Biotics Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia.  With a clean slate, adding back the important friendly bacteria to your gut is crucial. Instead of just a daily maintenance dose of 1 or 2 capsules a day, increase to a therapeutic dose of 4 to 6 capsules per day for a week. This will repopulate your gut with the important bacteria needed to starve out the unhealthy bacteria and rebalance your microbiome. *

Ditch the junk food and go whole food.

You’ve done your purifying cleanse, you’ve eliminated the foods that are unhealthy for you, you are setting a healthy circadian rhythm, and have increased the healthy bacteria in your gut by increasing your daily intake of Body Biotics™ Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia. Now you are ready to add foods back into your diet that will feed the healthy bacteria. Now is the time to stick to whole foods, foods high in fiber and whole grains along with plenty of fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants. Avoid alcohol, processed foods, sugar and fatty meats. *

Add Body Genesis™ Liquid Minerals

There are at a minimum 90 vital nutrients which our bodies need to sustain health and wellbeing. The amino acids, major and trace minerals, vitamins, and other nutritional factors that are found in Body Biotics™ Body Genesis™ Liquid Minerals support our cells which then create the building blocks for all metabolic functions. When the cells are deprived of these essential nutrients we will experience a break-down of these functions. If significant enough, this will lead to the onset of degenerative diseases or the manifestation of some related defects. This is an important addition to every diet.*  

Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water during every step of this process is very important. Water keeps our organs functioning and helps our bodies to flush toxins.*

Exercise…of course!

These simple steps will reset your body, your microbiome, and your immune system. Supporting your immune system right now is your best defense against getting sick.  You will not only feel better, but you will also look better too and your body’s immune system will be fortified. *

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