Nov 13 2016

Just How Dangerous is Resistance to Antibiotics

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One of the world’s most serious health threats is an increased resistance to antibiotics.
More than 700,000 people die each year as a result of drug resistant infections.

The threat of antibiotic resistant superbugs is such a concern that in September of this year, all 193 UN member states met to discuss this mounting threat.  Together, they made an agreement “…to combat the proliferation of drug resistant infections, estimated to kill more than 700,000 people each year…”1*

During their first general assembly meeting on drug-resistant bacteria, and only the fourth high level meeting of the general assembly to address a health issue, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said “…antimicrobial resistance is a “ fundamental threat” to global health and safety…”  Prior to the convening of the meeting, all 193 member states came together in a signed declaration “…to combat the proliferation of antibiotic resistance…” In this declaration,  the global response to superbugs follows a similar path  to that for combating climate change.  It requires that in two years, UN agencies and other groups will provide feed back and updates to the UN secretary general on this fight against superbugs.(1,2)* 

“If we fail to address this problem quickly and comprehensively, antimicrobial resistance will make providing high-quality, universal healthcare coverage more difficult, if not impossible,” said Ban. “It will undermine sustainable food production. And it will put the sustainable development goals in jeopardy.”1*

Scientists have long warned about patients developing resistance to antibiotic drugs. Alexander Fleming, who created penicillin in 1928, the first antibiotic, cautioned that by patients “under dosing”, one exposes their microbes to non-lethal quantities, which could result in them becoming resistant.1*

It is important for general awareness on many fronts to take place. Consumers, medical professionals, the pharmaceutical industry, the meat and dairy industry and governments all must come together to fight against this global epidemic.  People need to rely less on antibiotics and more on alternatives, including probiotics to boost their immune systems and treat their illnesses and infecitons. Antibiotics should only be taken when absolutely necessary. When they are taken, they need to be consumed according to the directions and finished entirely. 1*

If people, governments and the health care community don’t come together on this vital front, many common diseases could become untreatable. This is already happening in many areas of the world, especially in poorer regions of the world where clean water and crowded hospitals where infections can spread more easily. In many of these areas antibiotics can be purchased easily, yet in some cases they only buy a half a dose, which can lead to antibiotic resistance. Directions are not followed, and the results are dangerous, especially for the most vulnerable of society.(1,2)*

According to Margaret Chan, the director general for the World Health Organization,  “…The emergence of bacterial resistance is outpacing the world’s capacity for antibiotic discovery…” Only two new classes of antibiotics have come on the market in the past 50 years. Gram negative bacteria…those which lead to infections like pneumonia, meningitis and surgical site or wound infections in the health care setting are the types of things that have become more resistant to antibiotics. “…With few replacement products in the pipeline, the world is heading to a post-antibiotic era in which common infections, especially those caused by gram-negative bacteria, will once again kill….”(1,2)*

The good news is that the UN came together before this issue is completely out of control as was the case when they convened on the other health issues of HIV/AIDS and Ebola. But, people are still dying by the hundreds of thousands. But it will get much worse if this is not addressed.  This is why we continually remind our customers of the dangers of over using antibiotics and the importance of taking BODY BIOTICS™ Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia™ daily to boost the immune system and repopulate the gut after antibiotic therapy, regardless of when that was. If you took antibiotics as a child, you still need to repopulate your microbiome. Diet , exercise and stress all can lower our immune system and our ability to fight off disease and illness.   This is a serious world  health crisis that we have before us. Do your part by not taking antibiotics unless it is absolutely necessary. Avoid any meat or meat by products which used antibitiocs during the raising process. All of these things are leading to this crisis. Be careful out there!

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