Jul 28 2019

Just how Important is Clean Water

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The Importance of Clean Water.
Whether you are drinking it or swimming in it, pay attention to your water.

Water, water, everywhere. It is essential for life and all living things. Our bodies are made up of up to 60 % water. The brain and heart are made up of 73% water and the lungs 83% water. The skin contains 64% water while the muscles and kidneys are comprised of 79%. Even the bones contain 31% water.(1,2)*

In order to survive, we must consume a certain amount of water daily.This varies depending on our age, and gender and where we live. Men, on average need about 3 liters daily, while adult women need about 2.2 liters. We get it not only from drinking water and other liquids, but we also get it from the food we eat. Without water, we get dehydrated, which can be fatal if it goes too long.We can go several days without food, but remove water, and we are goners. The same goes for animals, plants and all living things. (1,2)*

 While water keeps us hydrated, it goes much deeper than that. It fills our cells  and regulates our internal body temperature. Carbohydrates and proteins a protective barrier for a developing fetus. It lubricates our joints and helps our mouths to form saliva. It plumps our skin and keeps our eyes moist. (1,2)

Water has the ability to dissolve many substances which allows our cells to absorb  valuable nutrients and minerals. When we take Body Biotics™ Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia™, it takes water to make the dehydrated friendly critters come alive and flourish in our digestive system. It also takes water to flush waste from our bodies through urination. The more water we drink, the more we flush.Drinking plenty of water keeps us from getting constipated which helps us avoid getting hemmoroids and it minimizes bloating. It helps to detox our systems. Drinking plenty of water aids in weight loss as well. It also helps prevent kidney stones. If we don’t drink enough water, it literally affects every bodily system. So drink lots! Especially during the hot summer months and when we are exerting ourselves. We sweat, causing us to lose water. So it must be replenished at a greater level during these times. (1,2)*

It’s important to drink clean water. But as water travels through the world, it picks up contaminanats, impurities, chemicals and bacteria that can not only make the water taste bad, but also cause illness. Water treatment plants clean our water, but it is still exposed to chemicals, bacteria and other minerals as it makes its way to yoru faucets.3*

Water treatment plants kill harmful bacteria, filter out pesticides and larger particles. They add fluoride back into the water, in small amounts. But many take it a step further and get home filtration systems that clean out many contaminants. There are many types of water purifiers on the market, but the most well known and commonly used are activated carbon filters. Charcoal,  a very porous form of carbon, has a large internal surface area that traps contaminates. The larger particles stick to the outside surface, removing sediment from the water. Carbon also acts like a magnet and attracts compounds like lead and VOCs, trapping contaminants internally as the water passes through the filter. Chlorine and other chemicals are reduced via a chemical reaction when water first contacts carbon.

Alkaline water systems add potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium back into the water. According to Eddie Diaz, at Blue Jug Alkaline Water in Austin, these essential minerals get stripped from the water by all the filtration processes. Drinking alkaline water “…dissolves acids in the blood with four main components: calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, which together keep the body running properly and healthy. With all the acidic foods, coffee, alcohol, air pollution that we taken in, our bodies tend to be more acidic. Drinking alkaline water helps balance the body’s pH…” Alkaline water can help neutralize the acid in your bloodstream, and possibly prevent disease. Disease loves an acidic environment and eating and drinking more alkaline foods and water can help correct your pH levels…” Body Biotics™ pH perfect™ is another good way to do this…just add this powder to your water.*

As with most things, too much of a good thing can cause harm. The same with water. Water intoxication or poisoning is when brain function becomes disrupted as a result of drinking too much water. This happens because we increase the amount of water in the blood, which dilutes the electrolytes, namely sodium. When our sodium levels fall too low, we develop a condition called hyponatremia. In this case, fluids shift from being outside the cell to inside the cell, causing them to swell and when this occurs with brain cells, it can be life threatening. So, drink your recommended amount of water each day. 3*

There are a lot of different bottled waters available to purchase. From flavored water to water imported from Figi. In a later blog, we will look at which ones are better, and which ones are not worth the money.

The water you choose to splash in is also important, and this summer there have been reports of our country’s beaches having water too polluted to swim in. A new report found that this pertained to almost 60% of the country’s water tested beaches at least once last year. In fact, 85% of the gulf coast beaches and 75% of Great Lakes beaches were unsafe for swimming at least once last year.4*

Lakes and swimming holes can have the same problem. Swimming pools that are not properly tested and maintained can also have unhealthy levels of bacteria. So if there is a question about how safe the water is, think carefully before going in. Oceans, rivers, lakes, and ponds can get things from animals, sewage spills, runoff from rainstorms, or other swimmers. And while chlorine kills most of the germs in places like pools, hot tubs, and splash fountains, it doesn’t work instantly. Next  time, we will look a little more in depth at what some of the things to look for when swimming and what can be lurking out there.4*

So while we are surrounded by water, we have to have it to exist and are 60% waters ourselves, we all must do our part to keep the water as clean as possible. Respect the laws regarding dumping chemicals and paints. Avoid using or overusing pesticides on yards that can lead to run off into our water supply. Push for laws that protect our water supplies. We are part of a beautiful eco system and water is such an essential part of this system for the health not only of ourselves but also for our planet.

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