Jul 03 2016

Make every day Independence Day

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Make every day Independence Day.
Stay healthy to enjoy an independent lifestyle throughout the years.   

As we celebrate the 4th of July, or Independence Day, we have a lot to be thankful for as a nation. Just look through a high school history book to be reminded of what our forefathers went through to win us our independence and how we are better off for it. As a country, we continually and collectively are bound by our insistence to maintain this independence, and defend the constitution and the unalienable rights, freedom and security granted to us as a nation so long ago.

Independence extends beyond our national freedom. It is an essential human need and we yearn for it from an early stage. Once babies begin to walk, they are seeking their own direction, learning to do things on their own and slowly growing to the point where they will walk out the door and be on their own as young adults. Independence brings feelings of self worth, accomplishment, satisfaction, freedom, quality of life and success. After all, as parents, our greatest gift we can give our children is the ability to take care of themselves and be independent.

It is important to be independent in a relationship. When you co-exist with a partner, it is beautiful to share your lives together. But successful relationships are built largely on the individual independence of each partner. It brings quality back to the relationship, interest and wholeness.

As an older adult, the condition of our health can determine how independent or dependent on others we are. When we are young, it is hard to imagine we’ll ever be old, but ask any older person and they’ll tell you “…it feels like yesterday…” So the key to staying independent all your life, or as long as possible, is to take good care of ourselves every step of the way.

So I ask you, are you taking the necessary steps now, at every age, to be your healthiest you? Health is cumulative. If you eat junk food all your life, never exercise, don’t take care of your microbiome, drink too much alcohol and smoke, your body will show the signs much earlier than if you take care of your body like the temple that it is. Long term health diseases such as diabetes, heart conditions, arthritis, cancer and kidney disease usually show up sooner in bodies whose owners have not been taking care of them. And once these diseases show up, your independence will soon be lost and you will wish you had taken care sooner.*

What can you do now to make sure you stay independent as long as possible?

Regular check ups—stay on top of your health by taking preventative measures including seeing your health care practitioner once a year for a wellness check.

Maintain a healthy weight – don’t allow yourself to get outside of your healthy weight range for your height. It can be very hard to lose pounds once you put them on, so try to avoid weight gain in the first place. 

Eat right – stick to a whole foods, organic diet whenever possible. Real foods are what your body recognizes and metabolizes.

Keep your gut healthy – Eat organic fruits and vegetables, grow your own garden, and keep to a healthy regimen of BODY BIOTICS™ BIO-IDENTICAL SBO PROBIOTICS CONSORTIA™. Keeping your gut healthy is key to a strong immune system, which fights off myriad diseases and illnesses. Many things on this list contribute to the overall health of your gut.

Exercise— Just like the ad campaign says, “…Just Do it!…” Even if you don’t feel like it! Not only does exercise keep your weight down, it keeps your organs oxygenated, your muscles and bones strong and your joints lubricated.

Keep your mind challenged—go out and meet new people, do the crossword, take a class. But keep your mind active!

Slow down and eliminate stress – Your immune system takes a beating when you are stressed, so tell yourself it is ok to take things a little slower and get to things as you can get to them.

Avoid falls – when we slow down, we take more caution as to not fall. This is especially important as you age, because falls are the number one cause of injury and death in people 65 and older.1*

Avoid getting scammed – this can add stress and put your financial independence at risk.

Be prepared – Consider long term health care insurance should you get to a point where you can no longer live independently. Long term health care can be very costly so many people look at this option to insure you are taken care of and won’t have to deplete your savings, or put the burden on your children.*

I hope you have a happy and healthy 4th of July, and may every day be Independence Day for you.

Healthiest wishes,





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