Dec 25 2016

Merry Christmas from Body Biotics

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This holiday season’s top five gifts…
These gifts were selected by our staff as the season’s best to give and receive.

Christmas is here! Is it everything you dreamed it would be? I surely hope so.  Whether you are celebrating Christmas, or Hanukah, or just enjoying the closeness of family and friends, I hope December 25th is the perfect day for you and your loved ones. Whether you started the day off with opening presents or just opening your eyes to a new  and beautiful day, my Christmas wish for you is happiness and peace. At Body Biotics™, we did a survey of the top Christmas gifts this year, and we found five in particular to be the best value and the most enjoyable, you know those gifts that really do last all year long and keep giving throughout the year.

Are you ready? Here they are!

The gift of health. You’ve got it! At the top of our list is good health. And because that is the reason behind our commitment to you, we cherish it most of all. If you have good health, you truly do have the greatest gift of all.

The gift of family. Whether it is your blood relatives or the the family you have chosen, a good group of people that you can share good times with is a true gift. Perhaps this next year is a good time to include more people to your family circle. You can never have too many good people in your life.

The gift of love. Love is such a gift. Whether it is with your soul mate, your children, your pets or your friends, opening your heart to the exchange of love is so good for us. While it makes us vulnerable, it is so rewarding. So always open yourself to love.

The gift of kindness. Having a bad day? Try being kind to another and see the joy it brings them and yourself.  Kindness goes a long way. Practice it daily and reap the rewards of knowing you are doing your part to make the world a better place.

The gift of understanding.  When you listen to others and truly hear their point of view, it warms their hearts. Just as when we have something to say, we want others to hear us and understand our point of view, we must do the same  for others. Rather than trying to get those you care about to always see it your way, just listen and try to understand where they are coming from.

We wish you the Merriest of Christmas and the happiest of holidays. You are a true gift in our lives and we appreciate all of you. May your days be bright and your nights silent and peaceful.

With the wish of good health, family, love, kindness and understanding,


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