May 22 2016

C-Section babies exposed to mommy’s microbiome

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Post birth microbial bath exposes C-Section babies to mommy’s microbiome

Researchers are experimenting with swabbing C-section newborns with microbes from their mother’s birth canal. 1*

 Babies get so much from their mothers. It starts with nine months of comfort and development in the womb followed by the gift of life.  As they pass through the birth canal, babies receive a biological miracle of being bathed in the microbes of their mother. These microbes help the baby build a strong immune system that will benefit them for life. Unfortunately, babies born by Cesarean section miss out on this glorious bath, and that misfortune has become the center of some important research to see if there is a way to make up for this loss. Without these microbes, C-section babies are more likely to end up with such medical conditions as asthma, eczema, type 1 diabetes, celiac disease and obesity later down the road. Almost a third of U.S. babies are delivered by C-section. (1,2,3)*

A recent study done on a small sampling of babies, is offering some promise that the newborn delivered by C-section can gain access to these microbes after all. In this study, researchers slathered babies within 2 minutes of their birth with microbes from their mother’s birth canal in hopes of “normalizing their microbiome.”  They wanted to see if by exposing a baby to his or her mother’s vaginal fluids, that perhaps they would have the same benefits as if they had been delivered vaginally.(1,3)*

Maria Dominguez-Bello, an associate professor of medicine at the New York University School of Medicine, led the study. “…The composition of microbes in a woman’s birth canal changes during pregnancy…”, according to Dominguez-Bello. ”…Babies pick up these microbes. And by time the baby’s born, the baby’s heavily colonized by these microbes that have found the right place to grow…”(1,3)*

The experiment involved doctors inserting gauze inside the mother’s birth canal prior to the women delivering their babies via C-section in order to “soak up their microbes”. Right before delivery, the gauze was removed. As soon as the baby was born, he or she was swabbed with the gauze, starting with the mouth and face and then onto the rest of the body.(1,3)*

The research group consisted of 18 infants and their mothers. Seven of the infants were delivered vaginally while 11 were born by scheduled C-section. Out of the C-section babies, four were exposed to their mother’s vaginal fluids within two minutes of being born. Over the next month, all 18 babies’ microbiomes were tested six times from their bottoms, their mouths and their skin. “…After sequencing the DNA of the different communities of microbes found on and in the babies, the researchers found that the microbiota of C-section babies swiped with vaginal fluid were more similar to vaginally birthed infants than to those who were delivered by C-section and not swiped…” (1,3)*

“… “These results show that we can partially restore and normalize the microbial assembly that takes place naturally in babies,” says Dominguez-Bello.1* This team stressed that many more babies need to be tested to see if this really works and that these children will have to be followed for years to see if it makes a difference in their long term health. Additionally, a “do not try this at home” warning was also given, as it could lead to infection if the baby was swabbed with pathogens. The women selected for the experiment were tested to make sure they were only sharing healthy bacteria.  They also stressed that women should not try this on their own, as they could transmit unwanted, dangerous bacteria to their newborn babies.(1,3)*

“Obviously, the final study — the most important one — is to follow babies for three or five or seven years and determine if this restoration decreases the risk for some of the diseases that we know are associated with having been born by C-section,” Dominguez-Bello says.(1,3)*

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