Oct 06 2013

Natural Solutions to IBS

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How do I know if I’m suffering from irritable bowel syndrome?

According to an article written on Natural News, they write that….

1)   If you suffer from excessive bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea
2)   Have a history with heavy anti-biotics usage, unexplained joint pain, headaches
or depression
3)   Or crave sweets, breads pasta, alcohol, or caffeine, you are at high risk.

You may want to have a doctor check you out because these may very well be signs of IBS

Normally speaking, our gut is loaded with trillions of microscopic organisms  that create a natural ecosystem called the “gut flora”. When this inner terrain  gets out of balance from consuming too many toxins and being malnourished -  chronic gut inflammation will threaten your helth.

The  signs of IBS include inability to concentrate; a loss of appetite, low energy  and a frequent tendency to get sick due to a compromised immune system.  Antibiotic usage, chlorinated tap water, factory-farmed meats, heavily-processed  food and drinks, vaccine toxins and GMOs are the main reasons why the digestive  system breakdown.

To solve this problem and eliminate health issues -  focus on rebuilding the gut!

To read the rest of this article please go to Natural News

Just how important is “gut bacteria” in our lives you might ask.

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