Apr 03 2016

It’s true Nature Enhances Healing on many Levels

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Head outdoors for essential healing and improved long term health.
The great outdoors exposes us to the diverse microbes we need for a resilient body and an essential path to healing.*


On the whole, our society has become accustomed to turning to prescription and over the counter medications when something is ailing us. For a headache, there is aspirin. We get sick, we rush to the doctor for antibiotics. We can’t sleep, we rely on sleep aides. Instead of exercising to relieve stress, people often go to happy hour or sit in front of the TV or computer screen, instead of going for a long walk in the woods. Instead of looking to natural alternative and arming ourselves with a diverse and healthy microbiome, we oftentimes avoid doing the right thing because it is easier to take the easy way out. The scary part, is we are setting ourselves up for long term health issues. Look at the increase in chronic illnesses in our country, in both the young and old.*

Nature enhances healing on multiple levels. Time after time we read about the benefits of being outside. When we are outside, we are exposed to the many bacterial microbes that are in the dirt and the air that give our microbiome the diversity and complexity it craves. When children play outside in nature, they have   lower levels of attention deficit and less tendency to act out. According to Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein, pediatric neurologist in New York and an instructor at New York Medical College “…What we know from studies is that when children spend time in green environments – in natural playgrounds, for example, or in parks and forests – they perform better on standardized tests, they’re more creative, they’re happier and their cortisol levels are lower, so they’re calmer and less stressed. And I think that might be somewhat related to the kind of organisms they’re exposed to when they’re playing outdoors…”(1,2)*

According to Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein, “…We used to think that children who grew up on farms were healthier than children in urban environments because they were exposed to more microbes. But studies have found that the number of bacteria in urban environments and on farms is similar. The difference is the diversity of the bacteria. Microbial diversity seems to have a very powerful impact. Children’s immune systems are very social: They like to meet and greet a lot of things. It seems the more they meet and greet, the more likely they are to be in balance, and the less likely they are to let any one microorganism grow out of control, as occurs with infection…(1,2)*

Playing outdoors is not just for kids! In addition to promoting booster cells and anticancer proteins, lowering blood pressure and being exposed to natural Vitamin D, when we are outside amongst the trees and soil, we are exposed to microbes essential for fighting off allergies and illness. A diverse microbiome prevents atopic illnesses, asthma and allergic responses.  “…In Japan there’s this idea called “Shinrin-yoku,” or forest bathing, which means taking short visits to the forest. It’s been shown to reduce inflammatory markers in the body and boost beneficial hormones…” Yet, due to various factors, we spend much less time outdoors today than we did years ago and our microbiomes have paid the price. This is combined with other factors such as antibiotic use, pesticide exposure, over use of various medicines, increased C Sections, among other things. (1,2)*

The weather is getting nicer. There is more opportunity to be outside, digging in the garden and letting your kids play outside. It is reported that we need three hours spent outdoors each day to reap the healthful benefits of the biologically diverse microbes in our environment. Busy schedules often prevent this, so that is why it is so important to maintain a regular regimen of BODY BIOTICS™ Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia.™ BODY BIOTICS™ is derived directly from the soil. This powerful probiotic is encapsulated in the rich humic and fulvic acids of nature, mined deep down in the untouched earth where so many essential microbes and nutrients are located. You must continually feed your body these friendly organisms it needs to stay healthy. Go outside daily, eat organic, work in the garden, take your BODY BIOTICS™ daily, and reap the benefits of a diverse microbiome which results in a strong and resilient immune system.  

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