Jan 31 2016

New Research on Cavities – Fight bacteria with bacteria.

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Cavities? Fight bacteria with bacteria.
Altering the microflora in your mouth can improve your oral and overall health.

If you have strong, healthy teeth and have been living a cavity free life…we congratulate you! But not everyone is so lucky. Why can some people go in for their dental check up and all they walk out with is a new tooth brush and dental floss, while others walk out with a hole in their wallet the size of Texas? Genetics can be to blame, in fact they play a huge part in the health of our teeth and gums. Diet, dental hygiene, water, saliva and a certain bacteria play another part. In fact there is a particular bacteria that seems to be present in the mouths of those who are more prone to cavities compared to those that aren’t and it is called salivary mutans streptococcus. If you have an over population of salivary mutans streptococcus present in your mouth and you eat lots of sugar and don’t brush regularly, you have created a perfect storm for cavities to develop. Remember unfriendly bacteria love sugar!1*

Dental health is so important and critical to our overall, long term health. With periodontitis come other systemic health risk factors. These include diabetes, atherosclerosis and pre-term low birth. So keeping our mouths healthy is critical for long term good health. “…In the living individual, the integrity of the teeth is assaulted by a microbial challenge so great that dental infections rank as the most universal affliction of humankind…”(1,2,3,4)*

Researchers have been looking at whether altering the balance of the microbes in the mouth through the use of probiotics — just as we do in the gut — can crowd out salivary mutans streptococcus. To explore this theory, a study was done at Devi Dental College and Hospital in Uttar Pradesh, India, in which researchers set out to compare the levels of salivary mutans streptococci before and after probiotics were consumed. They looked at thirty, cavity free school children between the ages of 12 and 14. For seven days, half of the group received a curd mixture containing probiotics, while the other half were given a normal curd mixture. The researchers found that after just one hour, the children who received probotics showed a reduction in mutans streptococci counts over the group who did not have probiotics. The results were similar by the 7th day. (1,2)*

This research is so promising that some feel that probiotics may soon be the preferred therapy in periodontists’ offices. “…Researchers write that the “time has come to shift the paradigm of treatment from specific bacteria elimination to altering bacterial ecology by probiotics.”…” 1*

“…As a profession, we are slowly moving away from the purely surgical approach to treating dental caries. Science is providing us the tools to diagnose and treat the infection before it causes irreversible damage. Replacement therapy in the form of probiotics is an alternate and promising way to combat infections by using harmless bacteria to displace pathogenic microorganisms…”2*

According to the Journal of Dental and Allied Sciences, “…Use of probiotics may reduce the cost of conventional therapy and prevention programs for the management of oral disease. It is an attractive idea of replacing harmful microorganisms with non-harmful, inactivated, or genetically modified bacteria. With the focus on disease prevention and optimal health for all ages, the potential for probiotics’ use is enormous. Awareness should be created about the aspect of oral disease therapy and encourage the implementation of the concept of “food rather than medicine.” The existence of probiotics in the indigenous oral microflora of humans should be explored because these bacteria offer the advantage of being perfectly adapted to the oral ecosystem. For better understanding of probiotics, scientific research is needed to broaden their potential applications…”3*

Chewing on probiotics in tablet form, such as with BODY BIOTICS™ Adult and Children’s’ Chewables™, is a great way to get friendly bacteria directly on the teeth and in the mouth. They are berry flavored, so kids as well as adults like them. Opening a BODY BIOTICS™ BIO IDENTICAL SBO PROBIOTICS CONSORTIA™ capsule and “packing” an infected tooth or area with the black powder will also get the good bacteria directly to the area. Additionally, probiotics may help lower the pH balance in the mouth which can prevent plaque from forming bacteria which can then thrive and lead to periodontal disease. They also produce antioxidants which can prevent plaque formation, by neutralizing free electrons which are needed for plaque to mineralize.

In additional to probiotics, avoiding sugar, brushing and flossing regularly along with getting regular dental checkups and cleanings are all preventative measures to help keep your teeth at their best. Genetics and other factors play a role as well, so while some people may try everything, they can’t change the composition of their teeth, but can do their best to keep them at their healthiest. (1,3)*

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