Oct 09 2016

News Flash – Food is Designed to Taste Good

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All food is not created equal.
“…Today, what we call “food” is often little more than a bunch of highly refined ingredients mixed together with a range of artificial chemicals designed to taste so good that we can’t stop eating…”1*

Over the last two weeks, we have been looking at how our food supply has changed over the last century. We talked about our attitude regarding sugar after Harvard scientists in the ‘60s tweaked research results in favor of sugar over fat and its role in coronary heart disease. We also looked at the many changes that have taken place in the meat and dairy industry without our knowledge. This week we will look at another change that’s taken place in our food supply and its drastic impact on our health and that is in the area of processed foods.  

There was a time when meals were prepared primarily from scratch. Fresh meats and produce were the main staples of every diet, and they were raised or purchased from a local butcher and pulled directly from the rich soil of  the family garden, full of SBOs, the friendly bacteria so important to good gut health. Eggs were collected from the family chickens,  bread and pies were baked by someone at home. Fresh, whole foods and raw ingredients were combined in the kitchen at home at every meal. Though this may sounds like something from an episode of Little House on the Prairie, it wasn’t that long ago that this was a way of life.

To cook every meal from scratch takes planning and effort. Time, now a luxury for so many, is something many households don’t have.  People have jobs, school, sports and busy lives, and for this reason, so many turn to processed or fast food for a quick meal. A 2012 study out of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, found that 60 percent of the calorie intake of Americans is coming from highly processed foods to include cookies, candy, snack foods and soda. They defined highly processed foods as “multi-ingredient goods that are not clearly recognizable as coming from a plant or animal food source…”1*

So what is a processed food? “…Components in a food are modified when processed, which changes the way that our bodies are able to digest it, regardless if the food is fully processed, minimally processed or refined…” Processed foods are full of sugar, corn syrup, sodium, fat and chemicals. Due to these added ingredients, these foods are addictive, causing your body to crave more instead of leaving you satiated. They are made to withstand an extended shelf-life due to the preservatives, additives, and chemicals which ensure the product’s flavor and texture over time. Even if you skip fast food restaurants, you must remember that processed foods are anything that comes in boxes and packages at the grocery store with a list of long ingredients, many of which you can’t pronounce. White bread, crackers and cookies, boxed brownie and cake mixes, cereals, frozen meals and pizza, noodles in a carton, instant soups, microwavable meals breakfast sandwiches, canned foods and any other pre-made foods are considered processed. (1,2,3)*

 “…Since the year 1970, average calorie intake has increased by 425 kcal/day, with a sharp increase around the year 1980, which coincides with the beginning of the obesity epidemic…”  As the population shifted their focus away from home cooking, to processed, “hyperpalatable foods” they became sicker and fatter. Our sugar intake has increased 10 fold due to the introduction of high fructose corn syrup. As fat was blamed for heart disease (as we mentioned in our blog a couple of weeks ago), people almost eliminated lard and butter from their diets yet replaced that with margarine and processed seed and vegetable oils, which are even worse. “There hasn’t been any massive shift in the type of macronutrients that are eaten. However, the quality of foods have deteriorated significantly…” When we consume too many processed foods, even if you exercise, it can still lead to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol, hypertension, strokes,  and other metabolic diseases. It plays havoc on the microbiome. (1,2,3)*

While we weren’t paying attention, food manufacturers have been making money with products that taste good but are not good for us. But we have the power and choice of what we purchase. We’ve seen the result of taking short cuts and eating fast, instead of healthy in the way of obesity and increased metabolic diseases. But people are making the shift back towards whole foods again. Of course, the convenience and easy access to processed foods makes it very difficult to eliminate them completely from our diets, but awareness is key.

What can you do? Try to stick to whole foods…those that are in their natural form…fruits, vegetables, fresh fish and meats, nuts, oats, seeds…you get the picture. Look at a package’s ingredients and if you don’t recognize the ingredients, head back to the produce section! Shop the perimeter of the store…the healthier, whole foods are located there.  Avoid fast food restaurants.  If you are going out to eat, choose wisely. Chipolte serves organic meats and no GMOs…Stay away from the tortillas, and you can get a nice fresh salad with fresh ingredients.  Plant  your own garden at home in healthy organic soil. Take the time to cook at home, because despite how busy you are, it is the healthiest way to feed yourself and your family. Give your entire family Body Biotics™ Bio Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia™ to replenish the gut with healthy bacteria that is not found in most foods people eat. It takes a little time and commitment, but what is more important than your health? 3*

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