Jan 03 2016

No1 NYE Resolution: Full Body Detox

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Kick of the New Year with a detox to cleanse the body.
A good detox will give your body the physical fresh start you need to follow a healthy plan all year.

The holidays often bring overindulgence and with the New Year comes promise of change. If you are like many people, you wrap up the holidays feeling as if you need to go on a diet or at least “get back to normal.” I saw a whimsical quote on social media that said, “…It just isn’t Christmas unless you push your body to the brink of alcoholism and diabetes…”1. This is kind of scary of course and hopefully we are all mindful of moderation and know not to push our bodies that far. But if you are like most people and you indulged a little more than usual over the holidays (hopefully not to the brink of diabetes or alcoholism ), you don’t need to beat yourself up, but it is time to get back on a regular regiment of healthful habits. The New Year is here! And you know what that means! New Year’s Resolutions.1*

One great way to jump start your new year is with a post holiday detox diet or cleanse. It will give your body, your liver, and your blood (and your mind) a fresh start for the new year.

The purpose of a detox is to remove impurities from the blood in the liver. The liver is the body’s processing center for toxins and impurities before they are eliminated from the body. Toxins are also eliminated through the intestines, lymp system, the kidneys, skin and lungs. The liver works around the clock doing its job regardless of what we put in our bodies, but if we can make it easier on our organs, they won’t have to work as hard.2*

Our bodies naturally eliminate toxins through urine, sweat and elimination. By doing a detox, we can assist the body with this natural elimination process. Detoxing and fasting gives the organs a break and it stimulates the body to remove toxins from the body. It promotes elimination through the intestines, kidneys and skin. It improves circulation and refuels the body with healthy nutrients and gives internal organs a break. This is so important especially if you’ve been over eating and drinking.2*

A detox can mean just eliminating the foods and drinks from your body that we know are harmful. Or, you can follow a detox diet plan. A three to five day juice cleanse is another popular way to detox. “…There are six common foods that most people suffering from weight-loss resistance, hormonal imbalance, or mood imbalances are sensitive to: gluten, dairy, soy, corn or maize, sugar (including alcohol and artificial sweeteners), and caffeine. Removing these six foods for at least two weeks will allow your hormones to balance, leading to easy, natural weight loss and balanced moods and energy. These foods are also implicated in the plague of leaky gut and digestive disorders seen now by doctors around the world. Avoid these foods for two weeks, and then reintroduce them, one at a time for 4 days, to help you understand how each foods affects your energy, digestion, skin, and mood….”3*

Benefits of a detoxing cleanse:

The hardest part about doing a detox is committing to it and getting started. But after a detox, your body will feel great. Your organs work more efficiently. Your liver and stomach will do their jobs more effectively. You may feel lighter and have more energy. Your immune system will also benefit as a detox clears away the build up of free radicals. The result is also improved concentration, clearer thinking, less fatigue and better sleep. With improved circulation, and improved digestion, nutrients will be better absorbed, which leads to better assimilation of vitamins and nutrients in the body. Your skin will be clearer as well.2*

If you have health issues of any kind, you should consult your naturopath or other health care practitioner before attempting any detox plan. Additionally, if you are pregnant or nursing, or have a chronic degenerative disease, it is not recommended.*

Detoxing will give your body the jump start you need for a healthier new year. You will lose weight, depending on how long you do it, your body will work more efficiently and you will feel better overall. Just this feeling alone, can be the encouragement you need to stay on a healthy diet or regiment. Make sure to drink plenty of water to flush the body. Take your BODY BIOTICS™ BIO IDENTICAL SBO PROBIOTICS CONSORTIA™ daily to replenish your body’s good bacteria. Body Biotics Aloe PURE™ is great for a gentle intestinal cleanse. *

Enjoy the start to this new year. Warmest and healthiest wishes for a fantastic 2016 for us all!





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