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Part 2 – Commonly asked questions about BODY BIOTICSâ„¢

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This is the second part of our three part blog series covering some of the more commonly asked (and not so commonly asked) questions regarding BODY BIOTICS SBO Prebiotic/Probiotic Consortia.

What exactly are SBOs?

SBOs are living, beneficial strains of foreign but friendly Soil Based Organisms. They are essential friendly bacteria that used to be a regular part of our normal daily diet until the end of the 19th century. Around that time, pesticides and chemicals were introduced along with food processing, which quickly diminished the “farm to table” ingestion of raw fruits and vegetables containing these life-sustaining organisms. When these friendly organisms were ingested as a natural part of our daily food source, they would act as a buffer to safeguard and maintain a healthy natural intestinal flora (micrbiota or friendly bacteria). They were helpful to our overall well being by producing benefits in the body such as the natural production of our own antibodies, boosting the immune system, improved digestion, greater absorption of all nutrients, and most importantly…they worked to rid the body of disease causing organisms (pathogens and other deadly toxins.)

What is a prebiotic?  

Prebiotics is a term coined long after their discovery (by Professor Gibson & colleague, Dr. Marcel Roberfroid of Louvain University in Brussels, 1995.) The word is generally defined as consisting of non-digestible food fibers which stimulate the growth and activity of certain bacteria in the intestines. Therefore, a PRE biotic must escape digestion in the upper Gastro-Intestinal (GI) tract so that it can be released in the lower GI tract to be used as food for the beneficial microorganisms in the colon. PREbiotics consist mainly of oligosaccharides (sugar molecules of 3-6 chains and soluble fiber) that coat mucus membranes and are found in plants, saliva and breast milk. This could be a significant reason why breast fed babies are healthier. They are being naturally provided the ingredients necessary to fight off harmful organisms and help increase the development of beneficial ones. Unlike PRObiotics, PREbiotic living organisms are not destroyed when cooked.

Why are prebiotics an important part of BODY BIOTICSâ„¢?

To be an effective PRObiotic, you need PREbiotic whole food nutrients to encourage PRObiotic organisms to survive and thrive in the human gut. Beneficial bacteria must be introduced in the diet daily, and fed proper food to help them adhere to the intestinal wall, rather than simply pass through the digestive tract. By maintaining a healthy balance of friendly bacteria, a “crowding out” of undesirable organisms (known as competitive exclusion) promotes better gut integrity and function, increases immune function and improves nutrition absorption. There is mounting scientific evidence that the symbiotic relationship between PREbiotics and PRObiotics significantly contribute to improved overall health of the entire body.

What are CFUs?

CFUs are a measure by which companies can identify the number of Colony Forming Units (CFUs) originally available at the moment of extracting the organisms from their growth host medium. The indication of large numbers of CFUs is no guarantee of the efficacy of any given probiotic formula. In fact, according to leading Microbiologist and Probiotics expert, Professor Lee Dexter, “CFUs have little to nothing to do with the efficacy of a Probiotic supplement.” Then she explains, “If the organisms are alive at the time they were extracted but have no food source to sustain them, then they are alive and dying from that moment forward. Unfortunately, there is no way for consumers to know how many CFUs are actually available at the time of ingestion. Even if you are consuming xx billion CFUS, if they are not packaged in their food source, they will not be able to reconstitute themselves and multiply before they are dead in the upper GI tract. That doesn’t mean that you won’t receive some benefit; however, do not expect any profound changes in your overall health. The truth is, you need to look for Probiotics that are alive and dormant, thriving on their own natural food source, with living Prebiotic organisms as part of the formula. Probiotic/Prebiotic Consortia, encapsulated in their natural food source, generally do not use the term CFUs because these types of Probiotics are not finite. They are living organisms that multiply by the billions once ingested and according to the condition of each individual that consumes them.”

Stay tuned for next week’s Questions and Answers. I hope you find this information helpful in further educating yourself on the benefits of BODY BIOTICS SBO Prebiotic/Probiotic Consorita.

Until next week,

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