Sep 14 2014

Part 3 – Commonly asked questions regarding BODY BIOTICSâ„¢

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More Commonly asked questions regarding Body BioticsTM – Part 3


As I looked at the many questions we get each week regarding Body Biotics, as well as health questions in general, I have decided to extend our Question and Answers one more week. Listed below are a few more questions that come up from customers.

Can I take Body Biotics during pregnancy or while nursing my baby?

This is a great question! If you have been taking Body Biotics for 3-6 months or longer before conception, then it is likely that you have already gone through the natural stages of detoxification and cleansing. Therefore, it is safe to continue using the product. If not, it is not recommended to start Body Biotics during pregnancy or while nursing. The reason for this is that the detoxification process natural to taking this product could be stressful or harmful for both mother and baby. Howerver, we do highly recommend Body Bitics for any woman who wishes to become pregnant. This form of cleansing will prepare the body to support a more healthy microbiata (healthy balance of friendly/unfriendly bacteria) which is naturally passed on to a newborn child. A healthy microbiota is critical for long-term health and well being of a child.

Should I alter my diet when I start taking Body Biotics?

A whole food, organic diet is always beneficial to a person’s overall health and wellbeing. We suggest consulting with your physician before making any significant dietary changes.

Can I take Body Biotics with antibiotics or do I stop completely and wait until I finish the antibiotics?

Antibiotics kill both the good and the bad bacteria so staying on Body Biotics while taking them is an issue of preference. It doesn’t hurt to stay on Body Biotics while taking antibiotics, though we can’t be sure of how much it might help. So the choice is up to the individual. If you do go off them, you’ll want to resume taking them as soon as you have completed your antibiotic prescription. We don’t suggest going back to the same dose as before. You should start with one or two for a few days tend then ramp back up every few days to your previous daily dosage.

Does Body Biotics help fight infection anywhere in the body or only in the digestive tract?

The initial and greatest impact is in the GI tract which represents about 80% of your immune function. Therefore, it is naturally systemic and provides whole body benefits.

Does Body Biotics help with Cancer, Aids, Crohns, Lou Gehrig’s and other serious diseases?

Body Biotics is not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease. Body Biotics helps to restore balance between the friendly and unfriendly bacteria (pathogens) in your GI tract where 80% of your immune function takes place. So when addressing 80% of the immune system every day, the end results put the body in better condition to protect and defend itself.

Will alcohol or caffeine kill the gut flora?

No, in fact many have reported that taking Body Biotics after having a drink or two can actually help reduce the “day after” negative effects felt from drinking alcohol. However, you should not take Body Biotics with any hot beverage.

Stayed tuned until next week when we address more commonly asked questions. Let me know if you have any of your own questions that we haven’t answered here. You can direct them to Karen at the office.


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