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Plan ahead to ensure you have a happy and healthy vacation.

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Planning a summer vacation? Stay safe and healthy and don’t forget your Body Biotics™
Take  precautions and plan ahead to ensure you have a happy and healthy vacation.

It’s great to get away and break free from the daily grind of work, and home responsibilities. Exposure to new sights and sounds stimulate the brain and activate our senses. It forces us to be aware of new surroundings, meet new people, taste new foods and experience new culture.  But with 42% of Americans saying they didn’t take a single vacation day in 2015, it seems that  too many people get caught in their daily routines and chores and don’t even realize how much stress they are under. Traveling might even seem like a bother. News of the world can keep people from traveling out of fear. And yes, it requires some effort. But in the end, the health benefits  of a new adventure most surely will outweigh any inconvenience.(1,2)*

To ensure your summer vacation is exciting, healthy and fun for all, put in some thoughtful preparation. Here are a few ideas:

Food choices. When traveling, it can be difficult to stay on a diet. It can be challenging to find your normal, healthful foods. We tend to over eat, as we are eating out more. Airports and road stops are full of processed snacks and sugar that tempt us when we are hungry. So just be prepared and shop before you go and make a snack bag with your favorite, healthy foods. This will ensure you don’t go hungry and fall victim to eating a snickers or a bag of chips because that is all that is available.  If you think you will be hard pressed to find a good source of veggies on your trip, bring along Life’s Green Essentials™ to ensure you get your daily servings of greens with all the vitamins and minerals you need. It can be mixed with water or juice, so it is easy to carry and drink.*

Bring your BODY BIOTICSâ„¢ BIO IDENTICAL SBO PROBIOTICS CONSORTIAâ„¢ with you and continue to take it every day and even increase your dose to help boost your immune system to ward off any unwanted bugs you might be exposed to as you visit public restrooms and if confined to a plane.*

Traveling, especially by air, can sometimes cause people to get constipated. If this is something that happens to you, bring along the Aloe Pureâ„¢ to help keep you regular.*

Continue to exercise. Bring your walking shoes and get your daily exercise. If you are committed to yoga or another special form of exercise, do your research to see if you can find a local class in the area you are visiting so that you don’t go without. Rent a bike and see the sights that way, or walk wherever you go.

Watch the alcohol. Depending on the type of vacation, you may find that you consume more alcohol than normally do. It can be expensive and leave you drained. Be mindful of your intake and keep the fattening drinks to a minimum.

Don’t forget your water.  Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. It is essential to stay hydrated. Whether you are visiting a beach, the mountains or overseas, water is so essential to keeping your mind alert and keep you feeling good. Be mindful of water quality where you are and buy bottled water if necessary. Avoid washing fruit and brushing your teeth with tap water if water quality is an issue.      

If you are eating out a lot, which most people do on vacation, choose your restaurants carefully to avoid food borne illnesses. Diarrhea affects up to 50% of international travelers, so come prepared and make sure you wash your hands regularly, and read reviews on local restaurants to see if there have been any complaints about poor hygiene. Once again, make sure to up your intake of BODY BIOTICSâ„¢ to help ward off unfriendly bacteria and help with any bouts with diarreha.1*

Get your zzzzs. Make sure to get plenty of sleep in order to stay alert, whether you are driving, walking or exploring. We let our guards down when we are tired and put ourselves at greater risk for accidents, and to losing our cool in difficult situations. Being tired also makes us more susceptible to others taking advantage of us. Allow yourself to recover from jet lag and don’t push yourself too long if you are traveling by car. If you are well rested, you will be more likely to practice healthy behaviors. You will be less distracted, and less tempted to indulge in bad foods that will give you that temporary energy followed by crash to boot.

Sun exposure. Enjoying the sun in small doses can be a great source of Vitamin D, but sunscreen is important to avoid getting burned. Different climates can take you by surprise and you won’t realize you are getting too much sun. A bad sunburn can really ruin a trip and be extremely painful, so be mindful of that! Exposing yourself to the great outdoors also means exposing yourself to a variety of microbes that are good for diversifying your microbiome.

I hope you can travel this summer and enjoy some time for yourself and your loved ones. It is difficult to pull ourselves away from our daily responsibilities, but the rejuvenation that occurs when we allow our bodies to rest and enjoy will make you a happier, more positive and productive person in the long run. It is good for you, your family and everyone around you. Stay safe!

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