Dec 10 2014

Probiotics Question – Wednesday’s Weekly

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Probiotics Question of the Week!


Q:  Why do I need to take more than one Body Biotics capsule per day?


A: When people use to get the friendly soil bacteria (SBOs) from their “garden to table” fresh produce, they would ingest these daily defenders at every meal.  The same principle holds true for our Body Biotics Probiotics / Prebiotics Consortia.  We need to consume the SBOs 20 to 30 minutes before each meal giving them time to reconstitute and thrive, or 1 ½ hours after a meal once the digestive process is slowing down.  The average adult can maintain good health on 2-3 Body Biotics per day if they are eating healthy, not eating out too often, and not traveling.  Eating out and traveling put an extra burden on the body, therefore one needs more than a maintenance dosage to counter the negative effects of eating out and traveling.


In the beginning, it is important to clean out years of build up along the intestinal walls so that we can clear the receptor points where vital nutrients enter the body.  During this period (about 4-6 months) it is critical to take more than a maintenance dosage….maybe 5-6 Probiotics capsules per day.  And if someone is really struggling with a chronic or serious health issue, one might need to advance to 10-12 per day.  Simply put, the current condition of one’s gut dictates whether the amount needed for that individual is 2 Probiotics capsules a day or 10.  And, to be sure,  1 capsule a day would produce just enough action in the gut to agitate the unfriendly bacteria and do little to overcome them.   This would not be a recommended dosage for anyone who wishes to experience a serious level of good health.



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