Aug 04 2013

What are some reactions from taking Body Biotics

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Q.  I know some have difficulties with sbo’s. What are some of
the not so great reactions
or difficulties that you’ve seen or


Kristy, it isn’t difficulty customers are having, it is going through a natural healing
process that really is at issue here.  Our Body Biotics is extremely effective, and will
almost immediately give the body enough boost to the immune system that it will
go to work trying to repair some form of damage or some chronic health issue.  In
order for the body to heal itself and not just suppress the issue, it has to first wake up
the symptom of the root problem and then it goes through the natural process to rid
the body of that issue.  When this happens, some people will experience things like:
flu like symptoms, aches, low grade fever, slight nausea, fatigue, constipations.  These
normally only linger for a day or so as you push through the issue. In 90% of the cases,
these issues are  minor and most people just ramp up and push through.  However, if a
person has lived with chronic health issues, has a bad diet, has toxic build-up, chronic
constipation, or anything that has been hanging on for a long time, these are the people
generally that experience the immune response more severely and for a longer period
of time.  Remember two things:  1) Body Biotics does not create this, it simply wakes up
the body enough to try and repair itself, and 2) When these responses occur you can
simply ease back on your dosage to ease the symptom or push up your dosage to speed
through the issue.  The choice is always yours.  There is no right way…just your way.

I hope this helps.

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