Aug 02 2015

Researchers find Organic Plant Based Diet to be the Healthiest

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Tried every diet? Try whole foods.
In a sea of overwhelming diet advice, researchers set out on a course to find the truth to the healthiest diet plan.

There are so many diets out there it is hard to know what to believe. Book after book promises solutions to our every weight loss dilemma. The problem is there are so many conflicting theories by credentialed fitness experts, dietitians, doctors and others who swear to have the answer, that it can become daunting and tough to know who to believe. We find ourselves ping ponging back and forth trying one diet, than changing course to try another diet, just in order to keep up with the latest fad. Meanwhile, these “diet gurus” are happily skipping their way to the bank, while so many people still battle with their bulge. “…An estimated 80 million Americans go on diets every year, spending more than $30 billion annually on programs and products…”1


So what is the answer? Researchers set out to clear the air once and for all regarding fad diets and determine — in a non biased way — what the best diet plan is for most people. They are not selling a book or doing this for financial gain.2


Dr. David Katz, a self professed “iconoclast on the side of reason”, is a practicing physician and researcher at Yale University’s Prevention Research Center. He compared medical evidence in support of and against mainstream diets. The many popular diets talked about in the media are “more than annoying and confusing…they are dangerous…” according to Katz. His goal was to not find the best diet, but to discover the truth.2


Katz and Yale colleague Stephanie Meller published their findings in the Journal, Annual Reviews. Entitled, ‘Can we say what diet is best for health?’ They compared a variety of diets to include Paleolithic, vegan, low fat, low carb, Mediterranean, low glycemic, as well as elements of other diets.2*


They concluded that there are “…common elements across eating patterns that are proven to be beneficial to health…” They found that a diet which includes a majority of minimally processed foods close to nature and is made up predominantly of plants is the most beneficial for health promotion and the prevention of disease. Diets that include the following common elements seem to be best:

-Plant based diets which include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds promoted a wide array of favorable health outcomes, including less cancers, and reduced incident of heart disease.2*


-The researchers found “no decisive evidence” that low fat diets are better than diets high in healthful fats, like the Mediterranean diets.2*

“…The Mediterranean diet, defined by high intake of fiber, moderate alcohol and meat intake, antioxicdants, and polyphenols, does have favorable effects on heart disease, cancer risk, obesity, metabolic syndrome and “is potentially associated with defense against neurodegenerative disease and preservation of cognitive function, reduced inflammation and defense against asthma…”2*

-carbohydrate-selective diets are preferred over low carbohydrate diets as whole grains are associated with lowering the risk for cancers and help us control body weight.2*

-Attention to glycemic load and indexes are “…sensible at the least..”.2”

-Eat small amounts at a time and comprise your diet of mostly plants2*

-“…Exaggerated emphasis on a single nutrient or food is inadvisable…”2*


“…Finally, in a notable blow to some interpretations of the Paleo diet, Katz and Meller wrote, “if Paleolithic eating is loosely interpreted to mean a diet based mostly on meat, no meaningful interpretation of health effects is possible.” They note that the composition of most meat in today’s food supply is not similar to that of mammoth meat, and that most plants available during the Stone Age are today extinct..”.2*


“…If you eat food direct from nature, you don’t even need to think about this. You don’t have to worry about trans fat or saturated fat or salt – most of our salt comes from processed foods not the salt shaker. If you focus on real food, nutrients tend to take care of themselves…”2


Keep in mind that everyone has different nutritional goals and health requirements so there is always an exception to every rule. Exercise is one of the most important, if not the most important factor, in weight loss and maintaining good health. Additionally, in some cases therapy may be needed to determine emotional issues that lead to overeating and binging. Whatever your goal and your journey, we hope you find this information helpful in guiding you to the healthiest path possible. An organic, plant based diet will ensure you keep your microbiome healthy as you are exposed to the healthy organisms only found in nature which are so vital to your microbiome. Along with following a healthful diet, and especially if you have trouble sticking to one, include a daily dose of Body Biotics™ Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia™ into your regiment to get these friendly organisms regularly that nature gave us, but we can’t always find in our diet.


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