Jan 25 2015

Safeguard your immune system Part 3

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Safeguard your immune system with BODY BIOTICSâ„¢

Despite the onslaught of harmful bacteria in our environment, our natural immune responses stand ready to defend and protect us. A healthy immune system  is perfectly capable of safeguarding  us against invasive unfriendly bacteria, while leaving all friendly and benign species undamaged. Illness occurs when a compromised immune system is not able to generate the appropriate immune response necessary to fend off unfriendly bacteria, viruses, fungus and other pathogens.

Because 80% of the immune responses take place in the GI tract, it is easy to understand the critical importance of maintaining a healthy balance of friendly vs. unfriendly bacteria along the intestinal walls. “…It is now known that certain bacteria in the gut influence the development of aspects of the immune system, such as correcting deficiencies and increasing the numbers of certain T cells…”2

But what if we are no longer coming by these organisms naturally? Years ago, we naturally fed the body friendly bacteria from organic foods pulled from gardens and crops grown in healthy organic soil. These SBOs (soil based organisms) kept our microbiome fed with a wide range of healthy bacteria. With over farming, prolific use of pesticides and a collective dietary shift across the country to more processed and fast foods, it is now necessary to consume a supplementation of Probiotics to get the same effects we received naturally years ago. It is essential for enhancing our body’s inborn self-healing abilities.

This is where BODY BIOTICSâ„¢ SBO Prebiotic/Probiotic Consortiaâ„¢ can play an important part in building your immune system and keeping it healthy.  Research has found that Probiotics can lower the amount of “bad” bacteria in your system that can cause infections or other problems and  can help balance your “good” and “bad” bacteria to keep your body working like it should.3 Good bacteria in the gut keep the immune system ready to fight infection from toxic bacteria. Taking antibiotics over a prolonged period of time can upset the balance of good to bad bacteria, which allows other microbes, such as yeast, to thrive and cause a secondary infection. Supplementing your system with good bacteria helps to rebuild and restore your immunity faster. “A published study on Probiotics and medical nutrition therapy suggests that while eating foods like yogurt, buttermilk and miso soup increase beneficial bacteria, it’s not enough to supply the very high doses of Probiotics needed to achieve microbial balance in the gut. This normally requires high-dose supplements that aren’t normally found in foods.” 4

Flu season is upon us, people are inside more and you are more likely to come into contact with someone who is sick. So now is the time to really make sure you are protecting your vital and complex immune system. Get plenty of sleep, eat right, limit alcohol and take your BODY BIOTICSâ„¢ SBO PREBIOTICS/PROBIOTICS CONSORTIAâ„¢ and your immune system will continue to do its best job to protect you and keep you healthy through the winter and all year long.

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