Feb 13 2012

SBO Probiotics – Long Term Safety Affirmed

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Q. I have heard that It is not safe to use SBO Probiotics long-term. Is this true?
A. We cannot speak for other SBO Probiotics, but as this question relates to Body Biotics, here is our response: Body Biotics has a 35 year history in the marketplace, worldwide, and is still going strong after all these years with not one single reported adverse effect complaint. Even with a 100% money back guarantee, we maintain a .5% (one half of a percent) history of annual product return for the last 15 years. Additionally, we have Medical and Alternative Professionals who have supplied Body Biotics to their patients for as long as 25 years. Kelli de Sante, the President of the company, and many of her friends and family members have been on this formula for 17 years.
When you hear negative comments about SBOs, it is important to remember that, the understanding of Probiotics is a complicated thing. When someone speaks about bacteria and SBOs, they must know the exact strain and genus of that species, as each species has hundreds of strains; and you must know exactly what you are talking about or you will do more harm than good. Every bacteria strain in Body Biotics is on the FDA GRAS list (Generally Recognized as Safe.) Plus, Life Science Products has invested the time and expense of hiring an expert to review their product and gather over 700 pages of supporting research documents to validity their product. Professor Lee Dexter, one of the world’s foremost leading microbiologist, spent 45 years working with a wide variety of species during which time she identified and catalogued over 600 strains to the USDA, certainly her opinion of this product would carry great weight. Prof. Dexter spent 8 months in review of Body Biotics and submitted a safety report, ranking it the most unique SBO Probiotics Consortia and the most effect Probiotics formula she has ever reviewed. A unique, one-of-a-kind, SBO Probiotics Consortia. formulated for long term use.

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