May 17 2015

Scientists Confirm Amazing Probiotics Communication Networks

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Probiotics Communication Network — a Glimpse Into the Secret, Social Lives of Bacteria.  Bonnie Bassler has discovered that bacteria “talk” to each other using a chemical language that lets them act as a unit to coordinate defense and mount attacks. (1) 

Since the late 1970’s, our Body Biotics™ Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia™ formula has provided a natural blend of symbiotic SBO Probiotics that communicate via chemical signaling to offer a wide range of health benefits to our customers.  Now, cutting edge research is reporting solid evidence which substantiates what we have known for years.

In an interview with Bonnie Bassler, Professor of Microbiology at Princeton University, (April 8, 2009) TED Blog reports:  “…In 2002, bearing her microscope on a microbe that lives in the gut of fish, Bonnie Bassler isolated an elusive molecule called AI-2 and uncovered the mechanism behind mysterious behavior called quorum sensing — or bacterial communication. She showed that bacterial chatter is hardly exceptional or anomalous behavior, as was once thought — and in fact, most bacteria do it, and most do it all the time.
(She calls the signaling molecules “bacterial Esperanto.”)…” (3) 

“…The discovery shows how cell populations use chemical powwows to stage attacks, evade immune systems and forge slimy defenses called biofilms. For that, she’s won a MacArthur “genius” grant (2)   — and is giving new hope to frustrated pharmacos seeking new weapons against drug-resistant superbugs…”(3) 

In this interview, Bassler states, “…what many people generally don’t know is that bacteria also do all these amazing, fantastic things. In fact, we mostly don’t get sick. Most often, bacteria are keeping us well…”(3) 

Bassler goes on to say:  “…if a particular bacterium initiates the quorum sensing- program, one of the first genes that gets turned on in response to the signal molecule is the gene responsible for making the signal molecule itself. This “positive feedback loop” floods the environment with even more signal molecule and ensures that all the surrounding cells enter the program. We think this feedback step acts as a sort of molecular police that imposes synchrony…” (3) 

“…Bacteria have been intensively studied for 400 years. How could this have been missed for nearly 390 of those years? I guess there was this sort of snobbery — among bacteriologists and among scientists in general — that because bacteria seemingly live this mundane primitive life, and they have so few genes, and are so tiny, that we could not imagine they possessed this level of complexity and sophistication…” (3) 

“…But think about multi-cellularity on this Earth. Every living thing originally came from bacteria.  So, who do you think made up the rules for how to perform collective behaviors? It had to be the bacteria…” (3) 

Bassler reports, “… it turns out you (we) have 100 times more bacterial genes playing a role in you or on you all of your life. At the best, you’re 10 percent human, but more likely about one percent human, depending on which of these metrics you like. I know you think of yourself as human beings, but I think of you as 90 or 99 percent bacterial…”  (1)

Bacteria, according to Bassler, “…are not passive riders, these are incredibly important, they keep us alive. They cover us in an invisible body armor that keeps environmental insults out so that we stay healthy. They digest our food, they make our vitamins, they, actually, educate your immune system to keep bad microbes out. So they do all these amazing things that help us and are vital for keeping us alive, and they never get any press for that. But they get a lot of press because they do a lot of terrible things as well (the unfriendly bacteria.) So, there’s all kinds of bacteria on the Earth that have no business being in you or on you at any time, and if they are, they make you incredibly sick…”  (1)

There is still much to know about the secret communications of bacteria and Probiotics, in general.  Bassler’s award-winning discovery is exciting news for Body Biotics International.  We love seeing, more and more, evidence to support a formula that we have held to the highest standards in the world of Probiotics Supplements. We applaud the hard work of microbiologist and researchers around the world.  Together we can make a difference…a difference that enhances the quality of life and longevity for all.

Wishing you the health and happiness,


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