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Simple Straightforward Keys to living a longer life

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Keys to living a longer life.
These simple actions can help you to live a longer and healthier life.

When you get up in the morning, there are several things you can do before getting out of your pajamas that can help you live a longer life, research has determined. And they are simple, and some quite enjoyable! We forget to take care of ourselves at times, immediately rushing out the door to jump in a car to be stuck in rush hour traffic. Or immediately rush into our day with children, without taking a few moments for ourselves.  Others plop down in front of the TV. or go straight to the computer to catch up on facebook or email. Read over the following, simple ideas. I think you’ll find they are not only doable, but you are probably doing most of them already. The others, with a little effort, can be added to your day to add years to your life!

Drink water

We talked last week about how staying hydrated is so very important for your overall health. Start your day off right by getting a full glass of water. It will set you up for success for the day!

Take your probiotics

With your full glass of water, start your day with your Body Bioticsâ„¢ Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortiaâ„¢.

Enjoy your morning coffee Recent research has shown that drinking both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee can extend your life. People who drank coffee as opposed to those who didn’t tended to have a lower risk of dying during the study period than those who drank less coffee, or no coffee.  Different studies have pointed to other components that might fight heart disease and cancer, such as antioxidants. Other compounds may also lower inflammation, which is a culprit in many chronic conditions, especially those linked to aging.3*


“You’re only as young as your spine is supple.” This is what my favorite yoga teacher used to tell me. She was 65 with the body, mind and spirit of a much younger person. She was definitely on to something. Stretching keeps your muscles loose, and helps to avoid injuries. *


We all know one of the most important keys to a healthy life is to exercise daily! Even if it’s just walking every day, you’ve got to keep moving! Stanford University researchers tracked runners and non-runners for 21 years. They found that runners didn’t just get less heart disease, they also had fewer cancers, infections and neurologic diseases — and yes, they lived longer. Study author Eliza Chakravarty was quoted in Time saying, “Aerobic exercise keeps the immune system young.”

How much exercise is enough to make a difference? Opinions vary but if you don’t like to run, “…even 20 minutes a day of any activity that leaves you breathless can boost your health…” she says.

Even a moderate jog can add between five and six years to your life, according to a 2012 analysis of data from a Copenhagen City Heart study.2*


Studies have shown that flossing is another one of those things that are extremely important for you to do daily. “…People with gum diseases such as gingivitis are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary heart disease as those without gum conditions…” This is because flossing keeps unfriendly bacteria to be released into the bloodstream. How exactly it leads to cardiovascular disease is uncertain, but it is thought that the bacteria triggers or speeds up the thickening of the arteries. It could even cause blood clots to develop in severe cases. To help protect your heart, dentists and doctors recommend flossing your teeth daily, as well as get regular checkups to treat gum conditions.  “…Longevity expert Dr Roger Henderson says, “Flossing every day means not only could you still have a full set of teeth as a centenarian, but your dental hygiene may have helped you to get to such an age…”‘1*

Drink your morning coffee

There’s a strong case for the health benefits of coffee. Studies have recently shown that regular java drinkers have a lower risk of diabetes, fewer strokes and heart problems and lower rates of certain cancers. All of that may help explain why coffee drinkers also tend to live longer than people who don’t drink the brew.3*

Give thanks

Being thankful can help you live longer and a more joyful life. It helps us to be more resilient and enables us to bounce back from setbacks more quickly. It also lowers stress levels, a major cause of heart attacks and other chronic conditions. It helps us to be more optimistic, which has been linked to increased immunity boosting cells. Grateful people also tend to take better care of themselves and take part in healthier activities and behaviors, as opposed to those who are constantly nursing their woes. “…Grateful people take better care of themselves and engage in more protective health behaviors like regular exercise, a healthy diet, regular physical examinations…”4*

Add some nuts to your healthy breakfast

Eating nuts could help you live longer, according to a study in BioMed Central of 7,000 people ages 55 to 90. The study found that nut eaters had a 39 percent lower risk of early death from cancer or cardiovascular disease, and walnut eaters in particular had a 45 percent lower risk of early death from cancer or cardiovascular disease than non-nut eaters.2*

Give up smoking

This is a no brainer. Though quitting smoking can be one of the hardest things a person can do, it is worth it to quit. That is if you care about living longer. ”…The amount of life expectancy lost for each pack of cigarettes smoked is 28 minutes, and the years of life expectancy a typical smoker loses is 25 years…”5*

Keep working into your late 60s

A recent survey has just discovered that people who work past their retirement age are healthier – and richer – than those who gave up their jobs. Of the men who were subjects of Harvard’s famed Longevity Project, those who made it into old, old age had successful, satisfying careers and continued to work — at least on a part-time basis — into their 70s. (1,2)*

Eat super greens

“…Eating a balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, is essential for maintaining a healthy body well into your old age. But there are some foods that have more longevity properties than others.

Among these are super greens, such as broccoli, and green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach and Brussels sprouts. These vegetables are some of the biggest weapons in the dietary fight against cancer, according to many nutritionists, due to their being high in a particular nutrient called isothiocyanate. “…This nutrient stimulates our bodies to break down potentially cancer causing chemicals and eliminate them….” 1*

“…Broccoli is also rich in a plant nutrient called sulphoraphane. In laboratory tests, this nutrient produced enzymes which could ‘snatch’ the cancer-causing agents out of cells before they multiplied and caused cancer, particularly in the breasts and ovaries…”1*

Diets rich in green and purple vegetables are also good for the heart. “…One study found those who ate plants from the mustard family — broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage — tended to have a reduced risk of total and cardiovascular disease mortality…” If you find it difficult t eat your green vegetables, don’t forget about Body Biotics™ Life’s Green Essentials™. Just two scoops each day is equivalent to two large green leafy salads in terms of the vitamin, mineral and phytonutrient content.(1,2)*

Be aware of what you can’t smell
Older people need to be careful about their diminished olfaction. In a NIH study, those who couldn’t smell or distinguish odors were four times more likely to die within five years than those with normal olfactory function. The findings were the first to indicate the importance of olfaction in mortality risk for older adults.2*

Love to laugh 
In a 2012 study published in the journal Aging, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Yeshiva University researchers identified that out of 243 centenarians, the one thing they had in common was that they all laughed a lot. Laughing relieves stress, helps you to stay happy and raises serotonin levels. 2*

Drink tea the traditional way.
If you like tea, you are in luck. Green and black teas contain a concentration of a substance called catechins, which protects the heart by relaxing blood vessels. A Japanese study looked at more than 40,500 men and women, who consumed green tea and showed they had a lower risk of dying from heart disease. Similar results were found in studies involving black tea.2*

Be a giver, not a taker.

Generous people give of themselves by doing favors, paying compliments, and going out of their way to help others. And in return, they receive a longer life, according to researchers from the University of Buffalo. “… “Our conclusion is that helping others reduced mortality specifically by buffering the association between stress and mortality,” study researcher Michael J. Poulin, Ph.D., an assistant professor of psychology at the University at Buffalo, told PsychCentral…”2*

Don’t be a couch potato. According to research from The University of Queensland, Australia, every hour of TV you watch after age 25 cuts your lifespan by about 22 minutes. They also found that people who sat for an average six hours a day died nearly five years sooner than people who were more active. 2*

Early to bed

Make sure you are getting at least 7 hours of restful sleep a night. New research is showing that there is a link between faster onset of dementia and Alzheimers for those who don’t sleep long enough, or don’t get quality sleep due to snoring or sleep apnea. If you think you have sleep apnea, get it checked out. Ask your doctor about participating in a sleep study. Addressing this problem will do wonders for your health, your mood and your longevity.6*

I hope these tips are helpful.

Healthiest wishes,






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