Feb 19 2017

Small easy steps towards better health

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Take small steps towards better health.
Getting on track for a healthier lifestyle might be easier when taken one step at a time.  

I was talking to a client recently about health issues, improving gut health and getting started on a path towards healthier living. She was feeling overwhelmed at the thought of completely changing her diet and at the many pounds she had to lose. It made me realize…it is easier said than done! When someone is faced with many pounds to lose, a lifetime of poor dietary habits to change and mounting health issues, it can feel pretty discouraging and daunting. Her response….”I don’t even know where to start!”

Of course, we start with the gut. That is a given in my book. But completely changing behaviors overnight may not be realistic. If you have a soda, alcohol, cigarette or sugar habit, we all know, these are very hard addictions to beat. Perhaps you just have a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. That is also hard to beat. It requires a lot of educating of one ’s self, and sometimes requires starting small.*

Our conversation made me take a good look at our societal habits as a whole. It is so easy to be an armchair quarterback and say, “Do this, don’t do that! Eat this, but not that,” but saying is one thing and doing is another. So I made a deal with my client and we came up with a game plan to start with just 10 things she could change that might make a difference towards better health. After she masters those ten things, than she can pick ten more. Here are the ideas that we came up with and I encourage you to do the same. Perhaps these ten aren’t changes you need to make, but if you can make your own list, what would they be?

Here are the ten small changes we came up to start towards better health:

  1. Take Body Bioticsâ„¢ Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortiaâ„¢ daily. Of course, this is where I would have anyone start, if they are not already on these friendly critters. This will help begin the process of cleansing out the years of putrefaction and restoring the balance of the microbiome.
  2. Start each morning with one big glass of lemon water. (Take the Body Biotics™ with this). This helps to rehydrate after a long night’s sleep and alkalize the system.
  3. Make the first meal of the day a very healthy one. Whether you make a veggie, egg white omelet, or a whole grain cereal with fresh fruit and almond milk, start your day off right. When we eat donuts first thing in the morning, our bodies tend to crave more junk food throughout the day. When we start our day healthy, we have a tendency to eat healthier.
  4. Cut out all fried food and fatty, greasy meats. Fried food and greasy meats are hard on the digestive system and the microbiome as a whole. The body has to work very hard to process these foods and they are full of fat and calories which are just not good for us. Replace with a vegetarian dish or a low fat meat such as chicken or fish.
  5. Cook meals at home as opposed to eating out. This simple step gives you control over what you are putting in your body. You can purchase organic ingredients, and decide exactly what goes into your meal and what doesn’t.
  6. Walk for 30 minutes each day, instead of doing Facebook! (Build up to an hour over time). Exercise is so important for building muscle, burning calories and lubricating the joints.
  7. Replace the afternoon soda with a cup of green tea. Green tea is full of antioxidants while soda is full of Candida loving sugar and empty calories.
  8. Replace processed peanut butter with all natural peanut butter or almond butter. No one needs the hydrogenated oils or preservatives found in processed peanut butters. There are plenty of natural brands available that have only peanuts and salt in their recipe. Many stores allow you to grind your own nut butters…even better!
  9. Snack on fresh vegetable sticks instead of potato chips. Save on calories and provide the good fiber needed to feed the friendly bacteria in your gut.
  10. Cut alcohol intake by half. Alcohol is full of sugar and calories. It is very hard on the microbiome when abused, so start with cutting alcohol intake in half, then cut it in half again to get to where you only indulge on occasion. (If alcohol addiction is an issue, seek professional help or find a meeting near you to receive the support needed).
  11. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Water hydrates the muscles, flushes toxins and provides a channel for fat to leave the body.*

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, conquering a healthy lifestyle won’t take place overnight. Just as poor health can creep up on us over a period of years, so it is with getting back to optimal health. The important message here is that sometimes we need to just take things one step at a time, one day at a time. Make small changes, but stick with them. Once you master your ten things…create ten more!

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