Jun 12 2016

Superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics

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Superbug is here.
The concern over antibiotic use leading to drug resistant bacteria is now a reality. What now?*


It’s what we feared, and now it’s here. Superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics. Researchers discovered, a Pennsylvania woman with a bacterial strain that is resistant to “last resort” antibiotics. This has top public health officials extremely concerned.  The threat of antibiotic resistant bacteria is such a concern that last year, Congress agreed to give hundreds of millions of dollars to federal agencies battling antibiotic resistant bacteria, as part of a broader budget deal. Of that money, $150 million is going to the CDC to help local health departments strengthen their capacity to prevent and monitor any outbreaks involving superbugs. 1*

This E. coli strain, which was detected in the woman’s urine by chance, is resistant to the antibiotic colistin, which is used as a last resort antibiotic against particularly dangerous forms of superbugs, including a group of bacteria known as CRE. Health officials call CRE the “nightmare bacteria,” as up to half of the people that become infected with CRE, will not survive. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, call CRE “one of the  greatest health threats in our country right now.” (1,2)*

Though this is the first case of its kind in the U.S, both British and Chinese health officials reported that the colistin-resistant strain was found in pigs, raw pork, and a small number of people in China. Because colistin is used widely in Chinese livestock to fatten them up, bacteria most likely evolved to gain resistance to the drug. It then most likely transferred from livestock to human microbes through food, according to infectious-disease doctor Yohei Doi at the University of Pittsburgh who has been studying the problem. Health officials caution that this individual  case should not be reason for total panic as this particular strain can still be treated with other antibiotics. The concern is that its “…colistin-resistance gene, known as mcr-1, could spread to other bacteria that can already evade other antibiotics…”(1,2)*

 “…Bacteria develop antibiotic resistance in two ways. Many acquire mutations in their own genomes that allow them to withstand antibiotics, although that ability can’t be shared with pathogens outside their own family.1*

“…Other bacteria rely on a shortcut. They get infected with something called a plasmid, a small piece of DNA, carrying a gene for antibiotic resistance. That makes resistance genes more dangerous because plasmids can make copies of themselves and transfer the genes they carry to other bugs within the same family as well s jump to other families of bacteria, which can then “catch” the resistance directly without having to develop it through evolution. The colistin-resistant E. coli found in the Pennsylvania woman has this type of resistance gene…”1*

Colistin has been used more and more by doctors who have no other choice against certain antibiotic resistant bacteria. One of its side effects is that it can cause kidney damage.(1,2)*

According to Lance Price, director of the Antibiotic Resistance Action Center and a George Washington University professor, “We may soon be facing a world where CRE infections are untreatable…” Last  November, scientists alerted officials about this superbug and now it is showing up in pigs and people. Hopefully now public health officials, government agencies, doctors and patients will wake up to what this dangerous gene may mean for our public health. 1*

At BODY BIOTICS, we continually caution our customers to avoid antibiotic therapy unless absolutely necessary. Taking antibiotics for viruses, colds, ear infections, and even bronchitis, is not needed and only wipes out your good gut flora along with any bad. It is better to build up your friendly bacteria through probiotics and allow your body to heal itself naturally. There are cases where antibiotic use is necessary, but ask your doctor before starting on any antibiotics to make sure this is the case. Once you finish your antibiotics, make sure to get back on a healthy regiment of BODY BIOTICSâ„¢ BIO-IDENTICAL SBO PROBIOTICS CONSORTIAâ„¢ to help replenish your microflora with the good bacteria that has been lost. We will continue to keep an eye on this very alarming development.*

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