Dec 13 2015

Take care of your gut this holiday season

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Take care of yourself this holiday season.

With the holidays upon us, it is easy to neglect your body, especially your gut. Here are a few reminders for staying healthy during the merriest time of year!

It’s the holiday season. We all know what that means. Parties, treats, big meals, busy days and nights and an interrupted daily schedule. It is easy to eat on the run and fluctuate from our normal routines. But don’t let all the holiday cheer and possible stress drag your body down and result in a weakened immune system. By taking a few precautions, you can protect your gut and your health during the merriest time of the year

  1. Eat right and keep your portions small. It is easy to over eat when going to holiday parties and when having family holiday dinners. Even if the menu is full of high fat and sugar foods, keep your portions small. If heading to a holiday party where you know the foods will be full of fat, eat a healthy snack or small meal before heading out the door to avoid gorging on foods you’d rather avoid. Keep the Christmas cookies, pies and cakes to a minimum. Enjoy, but in small quantities! Make sure to drink your Body Genesis™ Liquid Minerals and Life’s Green Essentials™ each day to ensure you are getting the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy.
  2. Avoid overindulging in alcohol. Everywhere you turn, there is an opportunity to toast the holidays. But by keeping the alcoholic beverages to a minimum, you’ll do you yourself a favor. You’ll sleep better, keep the extra holiday pounds off and keep your gut healthier. Drink water in between each drink, and keep your pours small. Sip don’t gulp and choose drinks that aren’t full of sugar. Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration, and take your Liquid Vitamin B 6-9-12 Drops the morning after.
  3. Despite the busy schedules, make sure you don’t forget to treat your body right with regular exercise. Walking, running, doing yoga, or whatever your exercise of choice may be, give yourself the gift of a healthy body by treating yourself daily. It will help you keep your weight down, and blow off any steam caused by holiday stress.
  4. Avoid holiday stress. Staying organized and staying ahead of the game can minimize stress during this time of year. Make a list of what gifts to buy and tasks to tackle. Every day, make a little time for yourself over a steamy cup of coffee (without sugar) to re-group and remember what you need to get done. A floating list inside your head can be stressful. Seeing it on paper keeps it manageable and gives you the satisfaction of crossing things off your list.
  5. Keep it positive. With the holidays comes lots of family time and for some, this can be extremely stressful. What can you do? Try to remember the gifts of love and family and that we won’t always be together. And if you need to avoid certain family members that just aren’t good for your soul, do it! But family is a gift that can be taken for granted. We don’t know what we’ve got till it’s gone!
  6. It’s better to give than receive. It’s proven that giving makes us feel good. Try donating your time to a local charity or “pay it forward” in some way. Remember a lonely neighbor. It really does make you feel good and can lower stress levels and raise serotonin levels.
  7. Enjoy some silent nights. Try to go to bed and get up at the same time each day and don’t compromise your normal sleep requirements. Lack of sleep results in a weakening of the immune system (not to mention dark circles under the eyes!)
  8. Stop and smell the poinsettias. Most importantly, take the time to truly enjoy your holidays. The lights, the music, the smells of good foods and the enchanting sounds of family and friends laughing and communing are all priceless. Remember the reason for the season. It only comes around once a year and it is the time of year to truly be enjoyed. Don’t let it pass by without stopping and appreciating it all!

I hope this has been a helpful and simple reminder to slow down and take care of yourself this holiday season. We all want to start the new year off with a strong immune system and feeling positive and healthy. Despite your busy schedule, don’t forget to take your BODY BIOTICS™ BIO-IDENTICAL SBO PROBIOTICS CONSORTIA™ daily to keep your gut healthy. Enjoy the holiday season!

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