Dec 11 2016

Take Ten Minutes for Yourself

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Take Ten

With the holiday season in full swing, don’t forget to take a few minutes for yourself to improve your health and well being.


Everyone is busy…and we seem to get busier by the day. Especially this time of year with the holidays upon us, it is easy to forget to take a little time each day for ourselves.  We often get up and immediately start running to get it all done, whether we are rushing to work,  rushing to get the kids off to school, doing laundry or going to an appointment. Our “to do” lists need their own personal assistants! Just as we think one list is done, we are starting another. . The challenge is to take the time to do what is good for our health. That’s why I encourage you all to Take Ten!

I’ve put together a list of things, that when done for just ten minutes, can make a positive impact on your health and well being.


Did you know that just  ten minutes of walking every day can help your cardiovascular system by oxygenating your blood, getting your circulation moving and increasing your heart rate. Researchers found that just  72 minutes per week, that is just 10 minutes per day, can help increase  peak oxygen consumption by as much as 4.2 percent compared to those who do nothing at all.1*   


As we get older, taking time to stretch is extremely important for staying supple and flexible. Making this a priority can really make a difference in how you feel each day.  So before or after that ten minute walk, spend another ten minutes stretching. An old yoga teacher of mine used to say, “You’re only as young as your spine is supple.” *


Another thing we can do for just ten minutes each day is to meditate. The American Journal of Psychiatry published a study which determined that meditation-based programs can be hugely effective in treating people with clinical levels of anxiety. Of those observed, 90% experienced significant reductions in anxiety and depression. Additionally, it helps with reducing stress and insomnia. According to a former Buddhist monk, “…all it takes is 10 mindful minutes a day, no incense or uncomfortable positions needed.” 2*

Ten minutes of shut eye!

You’ve heard it called a power nap and there is a good reason for this. A short, ten minute nap can take away the afternoon drowsies and according to studies, it is just the perfect amount of time. “The 10-minute nap produced immediate improvements in all outcome measures (including sleep latency, subjective sleepiness, fatigue, vigor, and cognitive performance), with some of these benefits maintained for as long as 155 minutes…” While a five minute nap doesn’t seem to make much of an impact, and a 30 minute nap can lead to sleep inertia which results in feelings of grogginess, the 10 minute nap is just right. 3*

Give thanks

Take ten minutes every day to write thank you cards to those who have done something kind for you, or do something kind for another person. Give thanks to God or the Universe for all that you have. It will make you feel better throughout the day. As we discussed in a recent blog, grateful people are happier and healthier.

Get organized and plan your day.

Taking ten minutes to create your ‘to do’ list over a nice cup of coffee or tea, can really help get your day off right, stay on task and not forget things. Take just ten minutes to jot down any ideas you have or all those things swimming in your head. People who write things down are more likely to get things done. And when we write down our goals, we are more likely to achieve them.*

If you think you don’t have time to do these simple things for yourself, start measuring how much time you spend on social media, worrying or some other type of other negative or non productive behavior.
Replace that time with these positive behaviors and see what kind of difference you see. Even if you were to do all five things on this list, that is a mere hour out of your day. It is well worth it to be healthier.

And make sure to take the 30 seconds it takes every day to take your Body Bioticsâ„¢ Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortiaâ„¢ . This simple step will help to make sure you are doing one of the best things for keeping your immune system strong during this crazy, yet wonderful time of year. *

So enjoy this very special holiday season, but remember to Take Ten!

Healthiest wishes,





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