Jan 14 2018

The Biggest Health Concerning us in 2018

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We know the problem. Now what to do about it?
While we know obesity is our nation’s biggest looming health concern, beating it is a whole other matter.

During our last blog, we talked about the biggest health concern facing us in 2018 and that is obesity. With a growing number of Americans being obese, it is raising the cost of health care nationwide, as so many health issues are related to this problem. Health care professionals and facilities along with the price of pharmaceuticals that we take to treat obesity related diseases, including cardiovascular disease and Type 2 Diabetes, are hitting our wallets to the tune of trillions of dollars. “…Currently, Americans pay $3.4 trillion a year for medical care (and, unfortunately, don’t get impressive results)…”1*

We beat ourselves up about it constantly, wondering, “Why is it so hard to lose weight?” Well before you get too down on yourself, let’s look at how our society has really set us up for this epidemic and why best laid diet plans often result in failure. Perhaps by looking at the root causes of the issue, we can be more aware and avoid falling victim to the many traps that surround us constantly. In fact, if you look at it from a more general perspective, losing weight is a challenge for most because it is easier, faster and cheaper to access high sugar, high fat processed foods than it is to access good, healthy home cooking that is fresh, organic, low calorie, and high in protein. Additionally, the unhealthier our guts become, the more we crave the foods that we should not be eating. Bad bacteria love junk food and sugar. Good bacteria love high fiber diets. And lastly, this is how so many of us have been taught to eat. It is tough to break cycles that have been put in place. Not everyone has been raised in an environment where home cooked meals are part of the ritual.*

“Fast food”, “quick bite”, “drive thru”, “to go”, “on the run”, “quick and easy”, “meal deal”…these are all familiar phrases that bombard us throughout our days and describe the food that we can grab quickly and on the go, when we are hungry.  It is rare that we find convenient access to food that is described as “fresh and organic”, “raw food”, or “plant based.”  I was at the airport recently and there was a food station that touted “plant-based, organic food”. The menu consisted of green juices and salads. It is so encouraging to see this trend and that people are trying! *

Warding off obesity takes forethought, commitment and education.  Cooking takes time. In most families, both parents work, or the home is run by a single parent. With this we give up the long lost gift of a home cooked meal waiting at the table along with the perfect house of the “Leave it to Beaver,” era.  With progress comes change, and unfortunately, progress has led to faster food, processed foods, and unhealthier soils in which our food is grown. But take heart, though we know obesity is a major health concern for the New Year, there are things you can proactively do to address your diet and that of your family. 3*

  1. Start your day off with healthy foods. This is important because the first taste you get in the morning could very well set the tone for your entire day. If you eat a donut for breakfast, the rest of the day is going to consist of fighting off cravings for more sweets. So, after your morning dose of Body Biotics™ Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia™, followed by unsweetened tea or coffee, scramble some eggs with fresh vegetables. Load it up and make it as big as you like with lots of spinach, broccoli, onion, tomato, red pepper, mushrooms, what ever you like. Or do a healthful bowl of whole oats with fresh fruit, nuts and almond milk. By starting your day off right, you will be more likely to succeed throughout the day. *
  2. Recognize Candida and the cravings it causes. If you have an unhealthy gut with candida overgrowth, you will crave sugar all the time. When you are craving sugar, it is hard to not eat it. But it you can recognize what is happening, perhaps you can avoid falling victim to the cycle of cravings, eating and more cravings by being prepared with healthy snacks in your refrigerator. Put together a beautiful, gourmet tray of fresh veggies and lite ranch dip and have it handy. Snack on protein, like turkey meat or hard boiled eggs. And don’t forget about healthy fats to include avocado. All of these are excellent replacements for sugar. Whenever you start craving sugar, tell yourself no! And with a big smile on your face, stuff as many veggies in your mouth as you want, knowing you are doing the right thing. It may be difficult, even painful for about 21 days. That is how long it takes to beat your sugar cravings. But once you get past that mark, you will notice the cravings subside and eventually, sugar won’t even sound good anymore!*
  3. Avoid Drive Thru Fast Food. When you are hungry, you are going to grab what’s easy, so make healthy foods readily available for you at home. Pre-preparing salads, soups and casseroles gives you an option over the quick fix at the local drive through.*
  4. Take that daily 10 minute (or more) walk. Exercise is so important for our long term health. It helps us to ward off obesity, keeps our hearts healthy and keeps our joints lubricated. If you can take an hour walk, do it. Or hit the gym. Whatever you need to do to get moving. If you live in an area of the country with frigid temperatures, find a mall that you can walk around. Just move! *
  5. Drink lots of water. Water helps our bodies to filter out the toxins that build up. When you are taking Body Biotics™ Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia™ daily, your body is constantly eliminating bad bacteria which need to be flushed from our systems and water is the conduit that will do it. Additionally, when we lose weight, some of that energy is flushed with our urine. So drink plenty of water. 3*


Welcome to 2018. Together let’s change our country’s biggest health concern and get and stay fit and healthy together.

Healthiest wishes,





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