Oct 20 2013

The Brain and Bacteria

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How gut bacteria can have modifying effects on the brain


The gut has been called the second brain for good reason since a branch of the
autonomic nervous system is found in the GI tract.  This branch called the ENS,
can communicate and function independently of the brain. The ENS or, enteric
nervous system of the gut is made up of about 500 million neurons. The ENS can
think, it can remember and  it can learn all on its own.  Hence, second brain.

The ENS lines several different organs, including the small and large intestines,
therefore it is involved in the regulation of several essential digestive functions.

This is where Body Biotics can come into play.  By creating massive colonies of
friendly bacteria  Body Biotics can help protect and regulate the gut, thus
strengthening your overall Immune functions.

A healthier gut supports ultimate mind/body wellness


Hopefully we’ve left you with something to think about,





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