Apr 30 2017

Vitamin B12 essential for children for healthy cognition

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Vitamin B12 essential for children for healthy cognition. 1*
New research sheds light on the importance of Vitamin B12 in our diets, especially during the developing years. 1*

There is new research available out of Bergen Norway involving children and Vitamin B12 levels. It found that children who are deficient in Vitamin B12, have more problems completing cognitive tasks such as doing puzzles, understanding other’s feelings and recognizing letters. 1*

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin, meaning the body requires it to work properly. Found in meat, fish and dairy products, it is essential for cognitive function. It can be taken in supplement form, and is usually combined with other B vitamins, as with our Liquid B Drops which is a combination of Vitamin B 6, 9 and12.2*

This particular research project, led by Ingrid Kvestad at Uni Research in Bergen, collected blood samples from 500 infants in Bhaktapur, Nepal, to measure their levels of B12. They chose this region due to its poverty levels, because in regions such as Nepal and other lower income  areas of South Asia, people eat less meat and other animal products, and as a result, tend to have lower levels of Vitamin B12. 1*

After five years, the team of researchers contacted 320 of the children and had them complete various developmental and cognitive tests. 1*

.The results were enlightening. They showed that little ones with low B12 intake had lower test scores. They also had difficulty interpreting complex geometrical figures and had an inability to recognize other children’s emotions. It showed that children with Vitamin B12 deficiencies had impaired or possibly delayed brain development during their most critical developmental years, and that Vitamin B12 is vital for the developing brain.1*

Commenting on the findings, lead researcher Kvestad said, “Most of the Nepalese children participating in the study did not have severely low levels of vitamin B12, but their levels were suboptimal, below the recommendations for best possible growth and development.”1*

The researchers’ findings, which were published online in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, further stated that…”The number of children in low-income countries that do not develop according to their potential is large. Our results indicate that correcting children’s vitamin B12 status early may be one measure to secure a healthy development for these vulnerable children. We are currently in the process of confirming our results in randomized controlled trials.”1*

While animal products such as meat, eggs, dairy products, fish and shellfish are the best natural sources for Vitamin B12, vegetarians and vegans may not get enough. Look to foods fortified with Vitamin B12 or seek it out in supplement form. But getting enough is imperative as it helps with memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, slows the effects of aging, boosts energy, and helps with mood and concentration. Vitamin B12  “…is also used for heart disease, clogged arteries and decreasing the risk of re-clogging arteries after surgery, high triglyceride levels, lowering high homocysteine levels (which may contribute to heart disease), male infertility, diabetes, diabetic nerve damage, nerve damage in the hands or feet, sleep disorders, depression, mental disorders, schizophrenia, weak bones (osteoporosis), swollen tendons, AIDS, inflammatory bowel disease, diarrhea, asthma, allergies, a skin disease called vitiligo, and skin infections…”(1,2)*


  • B12 is essential for the formation and maturity of red blood cells; increasing white blood cells and platelets in the bone marrow; and correcting hyperglycemia which is caused by B12 deficiencies.  This is important for women who are at risk of heart disease because it protects them by helping to keep homocysteine levels low.*
  • B12 helps to speed up the metabolism, allowing the body to burn calories at a faster rate*
  • B12 is known as the energy vitamin because it increases the amount of hemoglobin in the blood. This is important because Hemoglobin helps red blood cells transport oxygen to all parts of the body. An increase in hemoglobin makes fuel consumption more efficient, which produces a boost in energy. Increased energy helps reduce the stress and depression often associated with being overweight.*


Our Liquid Vitamin B 6-9-12 drops have a berry taste and our easy to take. Just squirt a dropperful under your tongue. Evaluate whether you are getting enough Vitamin B12 in your diet. This research study is an eye opener on how important it is for people of all ages.

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