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What are SBOs, CFUs and Probiotics Consortia?

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What positive roles do they play in impacting our daily well-being and ultimate longevity?

Part 1 of 4:
(In this three part series we will explore the importance of soil born organisms (SBOs) to the soil and the vital role they were created to play in maintaining daily wellbeing in the human body. We will take a closer look at CFUs (colony forming units) and explain why SBO Probiotics Consortia go far beyond the concept of the simple multiplication of numbers.)

SBOs and their role in the soil.

SBOs (Soil born organisms) are micro-organisms (friendly bacteria) that originate in the soil. They keep the soil healthy and prevent bacterial and fungal overgrowth. They provide nutrient uptake and help produce mineral rich soils that are so important for growing healthy organic foods. They crowd out unfriendly organisms that lead to disease, thus keeping the soil clean.

SBOs are able to survive cold, heat and drought. They can lay dormant for long periods of time until water and other proper conditions are reintroduced; and once again they reconstitute, multiply, and thrive.  Think of your garden in the spring that produces that miracle first bloom after a cold, harsh winter. Or, consider a dried up pond after an extended drought.  It appears the algae has all died and disappeared, but in truth, it is simply dormant awaiting the miracle of nature to produce the right conditions for it to come alive and thrive once more.

Researchers report that bacteria are everywhere. In fact, the human body is made up of more bacteria than human cells. “…Bacteria play important roles in the global eco-system. The eco-system, both on land and in the water, depends heavily upon the activity of bacteria. The cycling of nutrients such as carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur is completed by their ceaseless labor…”1

These essential, friendly organisms used to be a regular part of our diet back when privately run organic farms were the main source of our fruits and vegetables. During that time, farmers pulled our produce directly from healthy, organic soil touched only by the sun, clean water and organic forms of fertilizers. Delivered straight to the grocer with maybe a little dirt still on its leaves and skins, these vegetables and fruits were brought home, prepared and ingested, along with the friendly bacteria from the soil, as a natural part of our daily food source.

Around the end of the 19th century, food processing, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals along with efficient machines were introduced that resulted in larger crops and increased profits. This quickly diminished the “farm to table” ingestion of raw fruits and vegetables which contained these life-sustaining organisms. The trade-off of killing unwanted pests and disease that reduced profitability in crops was that we also killed off the friendly soil born bacteria that benefited our digestive tract and our immune system, paving the way for today’s auto-immune diseases and extensive gut related health issues.

Today, 99% of the foods we buy at the grocery store do not contain these friendly organisms. Vegetables and fruits are grown in farms designed to produce mass quantities, are most often picked before they are mature, and then washed and treated to stay as fresh looking as long as possible. Produce aisles are packed with beautiful looking fruits and vegetables…but they just don’t contain the SBOs that were common place and a vital element in keeping us healthy. (Organic foods are an exception!)

It has taken decades for researchers and the medical community to acknowledge that these friendly soil born bacteria (labeled simply as Probiotics) were a gift from nature which acted as a buffer to safeguard and maintain a healthy intestinal microbiome balance, where 70% of the immune system functions.   When ingested on a daily basis from organic foods, these mighty microbs were helpful to our overall well-being not only by providing numbers of microbes, but more importantly by providing a complex communication signaling network which conferred a variety of health benefits to the human body. This signaling is, by far, the most critical health benefit available only from SBO Probiotics Consortia. Without this signaling network, Probiotics are just numbers of units, with limited health benefits compared to those intended by nature.

Very similarly to how these SBOs work to maintain healthy soil, a SBO Prebiotic/ Probiotics Consortia works in our bodies to:
1)   Re-balance the friendly verses unfriendly microbiome to rid the body of disease causing pathogens and other deadly toxins,

2)   Detoxify harmful yeast, fungus, parasites and other harmful toxins, and many other health benefits to clean up the gut terrain,

3)   Up-take all nutrients and deliver them back to the body for greater absorption,              

4)   Supply the building blocks for the activation of our natural digestive enzymes production,

5) Trigger our own natural production of antibodies to boost the immune   system,

6) Bind with heavy metals to flush them from our system, and

7)  Provide an intricate communication and signaling network to remind the body to perform certain jobs it may have become sluggish in performing or forgotten, altogether, how to do.


BODY BIOTICS SBO Prebiotic/Probiotics Consortia™, is one of the few known Probiotics that mimics nature so closely as to provide the full benefits of a true Probiotic.  Our formula is cultured in its own natural food source of humic and fulvic acids which are billions of years old, extracted from deep into the earth to provide a pristine, GMO free, toxin free, chemical free , nutrient rich host medium that is ultimately encapsulated as food source with the SBO blend.  They are naturally dehydrated (not freeze dried), rendered dormant as in nature, and waiting to be ingested with an aqueous solution so that they may once again thrive. Once reconstituted and thriving, they provide the same bio-identical health benefits we use to enjoy before the introduction of harsh chemicals into our farming world.

Stay tuned next week as we discuss the important benefits of SBOs Probiotics Consortia verses numbers of CFUs (colony forming units.)


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