May 21 2013

What are your Probiotics SBO’s grown on?

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Question from Facebook user 

Kristy Swain Hyphen Interiors

7:49am May 19

What are your sbo’s grown on? I know most probiotics are grown on corn, yeast or dairy.


Kristy…the most natural food source to culture and create a harmonious (symbiotic) relationship with the various strains is to use a pristine natural food source that contains many of the micronutrients from nature.  Our humic/fulvic acid answers that need.  We have no interest or desire to simply multiply the strains on things like corn, soy, dairy, etc.  Just growing them in an isolated state reduces them to simple numbers.  In an isolated state, they have no ability to perform the many health benefits of which they are capable, leaving them far less effective as a powerful natural solution. The way Body Biotics is cultured allows the strains to co-exist as a unit and trains them to function more fully once they enter the gut.  There is so much misunderstanding when it comes to Probiotics.  I completely understand this, as I have been working with Probiotics for 20 years and it took me 15 of those years to truly grasp the multi-dimensional health benefits that a TRUE Probiotic offers.  Most Probiotic products have only been around in the last 3 to 8 years.  And their popularity really just became mainstream about 5 years ago.  So you can see why so many simply may not have a full appreciation for the dynamic nature of a well formulated Probiotic.  I hope this helps.  

Wishing you the best,

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