May 19 2013

What is a Colony Forming Unit (CFU?)

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CFUs are a measure, by which, companies can identify the number of Colony Forming
Units (CFUs) originally avail-able at the moment of extracting the organisms from their
growth host medium.  The indication of large numbers of CFUs is no guarantee of the
efficacy of any given Probiotic formula. In fact, according to a leading Microbiologist
and Probiotics expert, Profession Lee Dexter says: “CFUs have little to nothing to do
with the efficacy of a Probiotics Supplement.” Then she explained why: “If the organisms
are alive at the time they were extracted but have no food source to sustain them, then
they are alive and dying from that moment for-ward. Unfortunately, there is no way for
consumers to know how many CFUs are actually available at the time of ingestion. And,
even if you are consuming xx billion CFU’s, if they are not packaged in their food source,
they will not be able to reconstitute themselves and multiple before they are dead in the
upper GI tract. That doesn’t mean that you might not receive some benefit, however, do
not expect any profound changes in your overall health. The truth is, you need to look for
Probiotics that are alive and dormant, thriving on their own natural food source with living
Prebiotic organisms as part of the formula. Probiotic/Prebiotic Consortia, encapsulated in
their natural food source, generally do not use the term CFU’s because these types of
Probiotics are not finite, they are living organisms that multiple by the billions once
ingested and according to the condition of each individual that consumes them. “

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