Mar 24 2013

What is a PREbiotic?

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PREbiotics is a term coined long after their discovery, (by Prof. Gibson & colleague,
Dr. Marcel Roberfroid of Louvain University in Brussels, 1995.) The word is generally
defined as consisting of nondigestible food fibers which stimulate the growth and activity
of certain bacteria in the intestines. Therefore, a PREbiotic must escape digestion in the
upper Gastro-Intestinal (GI) tract so that it can be released in the lower GI tract to be
used as food for the beneficial microorganisms in the colon. PREbiotics consist mainly of 
oligosaccharides (sugar molecules of 3-6 chains and soluble fiber) that coat mucus
membranes  and are found in plants, saliva, and breast milk. This could be a significant
reason why breast-fed  babies are healthier; they are being naturally provided the 
ingredients necessary to fight off  harmful organisms and help increase the development
of beneficial ones.  Unlike PRObiotics, PREbiotic living organisms are not destroyed
when cooked.

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Kelli de Sante`



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