Jan 26 2014

What makes a Probiotic Consortia so unique?

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Probitoics consortia vs. isolated, freeze dried probiotic blends.


All probiotics are not made the same. BODY BIOTICSâ„¢ SBO Probiotics Consortiaâ„¢
is so unique because of one not so simple word — CONSORTIA. Once you understand
the difference between isolated probiotic blends and a consortia, BODY BIOTICSâ„¢ will
become your only clear choice in Probiotics.

What is a Probiotics Consortia? Professor Lee B. Dexter, a renowned Microbiologist
and  Probiotics expert, responsible for describing and submitting over 600 Probiotics
species to the USDA world banks during her career, provides the best explanation to
In her March, 2010 article titled: “The Safety and Efficacy of Bacillus sp. as Probiotics,”
she writes:

 “A specialized area, called spore Probiotics, offers certain advantages when used in
combination with other non-spore forming Probiotics, such as, Lactobacillus sp. In
nature, Bacillus sp. are usually found in conjunction with other Probiotics as part of
stable symbiotic groups of bacteria called “consortia.” Consortia are assemblages of
microorganisms, in which each organism benefits from the metabolic activities of others
in the group. Such naturally-occurring consortia are known to be quite stable during
transfer from one culture to another, and to retain their functional integrity better than
single (isolated) organisms or blended combinations of single (isolated) species. During
growth, these naturally-occurring consortia produce their own matrix that surrounds the
living cells, and they reach an ideal balance between each species.” **

Professor Dexter continues to summarize her article by stating…“Consortia represent
stable cultures of bacteria that produce desired health effects in the gastrointestinal
tracts of consumers who consume them on a daily basis. One source of a natural
consortium of soil-based Probiotics, is BODY BIOTICS™ by Body Biotics Int’l, Corp.
This product may be the only Probiotics product providing a natural consortium of
Probiotics on the market today…”

– Professor Lee B. Dexter, March 2010/

The Safety and Efficacy of Bacillus sp. as Probiotics

In the next nine weeks, we will be revealing the ancient secrets of why Body Biotics
is such an extraordinary product through a series of topics on all the key ingredients.
Join us next week when we discuss Humic and Fulvic Acids, the natural food substrate
in which our probiotics consortia are cultured. Until then, healthiest wishes.


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