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Why are Humic (HA)/Fulvic (FA) Acids so vital to the human body?

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Why are Humic (HA)/Fulvic (FA) Acids so vital to the human body?
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Part 2 of 3:

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Why are Humic (HA)/Fulvic (FA) Acids so vital to the human body? Biologically speaking, our bodies consist of varying amounts of the following major and minor elements; Calcium, Carbon, Chlorine, Hydrogen, Iron, Iodine, Magnesium, Sulfur, Oxygen, Phosphorus, Potassium, plus traces of Aluminum, Bromine, Cobalt, Copper, Fluorine, Manganese, Nickel, Silicon, Sodium, Zinc, and any additional, yet undiscovered, trace elements being added to this list as our knowledge increases.

The elements we are composed of are components of approximately 60 trillion cells, each containing nearly one quadrillion molecules. Imagine it, each cell in the human body containing about 10,000 times as many molecules as our Milky Way has stars.
Proper nourishment of each individual cell prepares the body to:


• produce many of our own amino acids, *

• burn its own energy, *

• manufacture its own enzymes, *

• create its own proteins, and *

• duplicate itself. *


All “naturally fertile” soils contain adequate amounts of Humic/Fulvic Acids that have been produced by resident microorganisms (soil based organisms or SBOs) within the soil. These Humic/Fulvic Acids assist the plant in obtaining its complete nutritional needs. Today, due to modernized agricultural processes and the addition of chemicals/pesticides for rapid growth and extended shelf life of our fruits and vegetables, our food quality is being sacrificed for food quantity. Since the farmer is paid by the pound, crop yield is paramount to its nutritional content. The farmer in his frantic effort for yield and preservation of his land, has, perhaps in-advertently, succumbed to the agro-chemical companies who advocate the application of excessive amount of nitrate fertilizers to the soil. Such practices stun and destroy the indigenous microbial life within the soil. When microbial life is inhibited or destroyed, vital Humic and Fulvic Acids are exhausted, rendering the public to find other “life–sustaining” sources of minerals, trace elements, and amino acids. *


Only a very small percentage of the agricultural lands of America are fertile enoughto produce nutritious and healthy foods. An honest effort in attempting to select a healthful diet from grocery store shelves has become for many, a nutritional disaster. Unless you are fortunate enough to organically grow your own foods, supplementation is a daily necessity. 


Join us next week for part three of the Humic [HC]/Fulvic [FC] Series.


Wishing you the best in health,


Kelli de Sante`




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