Apr 21 2013

Why do you call your Probiotics an SBO Probiotics Consortia?

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All Probiotics originate from the soil, and in nature, they are found in teams of
multiple strains, known as a Consortia. Most manufacturers isolate each individual 
strain and remove them from their natural environment, then culture them
individually on some form of growth medium to produce them in large numbers of
colony forming units (know as CFUs.) They are then extracted and freeze dried for
future use. While this process works to multiple the organisms by the billions, it
does not necessarily produce strong, healthy, and hardy strains because they have
been removed from their symbiotic relationship with nature and each other. In
contrast, Body Biotics preserves the integrity of nature by culturing a selected,
proven, safe group of organisms (consortia) in their natural primal food
source (a plant-based growth host medium of humic and fulvic acids, vitamins, and
 trace minerals.)  These organisms, over a period of time, are nourished and trained
to work in harmony (symbiotic relationship) with each other for the ultimate
benefit of the human body. Once they are mature, this process creates a superbreed
of organisms (a Seals Team…if you will) that are then naturally dehydrated (never
freeze-dried) and encapsulated in this same food source in which they were cultured.
Our PRE/PRObioitics are never removed from their food source; therefore they are
always alive and thriving.

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